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Fisher Wedding!

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Hi Melissa and WELCOME!!!


You've come to the right place!!


I would suggest that you contact a travel agent (TA) and have her run some numbers for you with regard to resort pricing and airfare (she can run rates from a couple places you'll have most guests coming from to get an idea of cost).


If you like that place in Mexico ... go for it! You might also ask the TA about other locales similar to the palce in Mexico you liked.


We are getting married in the DR at one resort, and moving to a more exclusive resort for our honeymoon ... so how much time you spend with your guests, or if you move to another resort for your HM, is totally up to you.

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Welcome to the forum! I am getting married at Occidental Grand Xcaret, which is the hotel right next to Xcaret Park! I actually recently went for a site visit and the park is sooop beautiful! You definitely picked a pretty place!


Let me know if you have any questions :)

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