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Helpful tips for ceremony in the Gazebo

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Had our wedding at Dreams and it was amazing!!  One tip I especially want to put out there is about the Gazebo.  When you walk down the aisle and into the Gazebo, make sure you're standing in the Gazebo where you can see the guests over your soon-to-be-hubby's shoulder.  And make sure your hubby does the same.  If you can't see a good chunk of the people becuase of a pillar, they can't see you.  I wasn't thinking clearly about that and it turned out my Mom couldn't see us at all during the ceremony b/c of the pillar.  : /  


And the other thing, if you're planning to use a runner, the walkway distance is only 14 feet.  To get to the walkway you walk through El Patio restuarant, but the walkway up to the Gazebo itself where you'd have your runner is only 14 feet long. 


Happy planning ladies!!  : )



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Gazebo Walkway.JPG


Groom in Gazebo.JPG




If we had been more toward the center of the gazebo, closer to Rev. Marco, I would've been able to see all of the guests on my groom's side and vice versa... but I didn't think about that at the time, lol.  ; )

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