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Need wedding planner references

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#1 KLRiht

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    Posted 07 December 2011 - 06:20 PM

    I've decided to hire a wedding planner. I've narrowed it down to 2 planners that were recommended by the vendors that I've already hired. I'm hoping to find someone that is familiar with their work and/or reputation in the area and can vouch for their quality of work. The 2 planners are



    Four Winds Weddings -Kirsten




    Events and Weddings Costa Rica LLC (www.eventscr.com) -Samantha


    Is anyone familiar with their reputation in the area? I've narrowed it down to those 2 and I'm not going shopping for a new planner (I'm exhausted). I just want to know more about them.  Also, is there any website that I can find multiple reviews for vendors such as these?  I'm having a really hard time finding any reviews on anyone in Costa Rica.

    #2 muzikgrrl

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      Posted 09 December 2011 - 05:05 PM

      Hi, I can't really help you out that much... But what I can tell you is there is not a place for wedding planner reviews.  I went through the same thing when planning my wedding.  I did not end up using Samantha, but I was in contact with her and she seemed really on top of things.


      Good luck with your planning

      #3 KLRiht

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        Posted 09 December 2011 - 05:16 PM

        May I ask who you used and what your experience was?  Where did you have it?

        #4 muzikgrrl

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          Posted 10 December 2011 - 05:30 PM

          My wedding is next month and I used Sylvia from Costa Rica Paradise weddings.  I found her price a little bit more reasonable than some of the others, although they do great work, I wasn't willing to pay for it.

          #5 tropicalchick

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            Posted 18 December 2011 - 07:31 PM

            I am using Kirsten from Four Winds Weddings.  Our wedding is in March 2012 and I really have just started to process.  I work as a wedding planner here at home but I really just needed to know I had someone working with me there who had some better contacts and on the ground access to things.  I chose her because she lives in Langosta and that is where we are staying.  So far she has been reliable in responding to my emails and we were able to meet her in person a few weeks ago when we went down for a holiday & planning trip.  She was nice and I feel that she is confident in her abilities to assist us.  From any photos/examples I have seen of her work - her florals are exceptional which is her area of expertise. 


            You will feel some relief as soon as you hire someone....  I would consider location.  Where is your wedding and where is the planner located?  You don't want to have to pay travel fees....


            Good luck!


            #6 tropicalchick

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              Posted 27 January 2012 - 09:59 AM

              No matter who you choose for a wedding planner here are a few tips & reminders.


              -verify what the wedding coordinator will actually 'do' and what she would expect you to do

              -very carefully read the contract, even if you have read it several times, and have to make a change.  They can always add or omit something without you realizing it

              -you might wish to clarify upfront what additional expenses are not included in the package you have choosen

              -always ask for references and speak to these references

              -it may not be in your best interest to let one person or company be ultimately responsible for the most important elements of your wedding.  For example, some full coordination packages include photographer, officiant, flowers, decor, etc.  If this person is unreliable, you are entrusting a large portion of your event to them.

              -go with your gut!  Your initial instincts are often the most accurate.  If you don't get a good feeling right away, think twice before signing


              You want to hire someone who truly is working for the right reasons, not just because they are trying to make a quick and easy buck.

              #7 where2wed2012

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                Posted 18 November 2012 - 01:57 PM

                We went with Sylvia from Costa Rica Paradise Weddings.


                Got quote from Larissa Banting who probably would've put together a great wedding, but quoted around $4k - insane! We received other quotes within the same range and didn't want to blow our budget on a planner.  We also corresponded with Tropical Occasions but then they never replied to my last email, so not sure what happened there. 


                Sylvia was responsive and sweet.  She was patient with all my questions and reasonably priced.  I like that she's Costa Rican and felt she had a great relationship with every other vendor we used.  We did some research on our own and booked some vendors independently but she was connected to everyone in the end and helped make our time in CR so easy!  She was also reasonably priced - definitely feel like we got a great value.  She had to put up with a lot of long emails and many many questions!  She helped coordinate some amazing flowers, a beautiful venue, and stunning ceremony setting.  Couldn't be happier with her and so so glad we didn't pay over double for a planner, as we ended up with the wedding of our dreams!

                Good luck with whomever you choose!

                #8 galia2013

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                  Posted 06 February 2013 - 12:10 PM

                  After much "shopping around", I decide to hire Barbara at Four Nineteen Weddings. I am happy I did. I got married in Playa Grande and she lives in the area, and knows all the really good local vendors. Her prices were very reasonable. I did quote with a couple other planners and the prices seemed a bit high, plus one of them actually hiked up the prices for services and I figured it out. So she was charging a lower coordination fee than the rest but then all the services were more expensive... One thing I will tell everyone wanting to hire a planner: ask them if they are getting referral fees or commissions from the vendors they recommend. I found out that most vendors will raise their prices to accommodate a commission, and you deserve to know where your money is going.Id rather pay my planner or coordinator a bit more and have them help me save money...  

                  #9 KatyaNova

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                    Posted 02 April 2013 - 08:33 AM

                    Hi ladies!! 


                    We're planning to spend a couple of weeks in Costa Rica this coming September (2013) interviewing wedding planners... I'm then going to put together a thorough article for BDW brides on my findings!


                    Please let me know if there are any wedding planners other than who's been mentioned, that you think I should add to the list. 


                    Rob & I are wedding photographers in Punta Cana, but are planning to move to Costa Rica - so exciting :) 


                    Looking forward to sharing!! 


                    Pura Vida, 



                    #10 300hope

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                      Posted 01 May 2013 - 08:52 PM

                      I chose Four Nineteen Weddings but haven't had an amazing experience with them. They are quick to respond to my emails yet extremely inefficient when it comes to providing options, following up with vendors, etc.  I have had to do my own research on everything from music to officiants as they don't provide me with more than one vendor option... I also don't feel they have a good grasp on the whole event. I don't know if they are truly aware of my budget, etc.

                      I am disappointed at my choice as they are not inexpensive either and terrified my wedding will be a mess.

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