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Hot Christmas Wave of Chinese Equipments

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    Posted 02 December 2011 - 01:12 AM

     Mandarin-Collar-Short-Sleeves-Ankle-Length-Polyester-Cheongsam-Chinese-Dress-2-p4098.jpgWhen Christmas comes, you can see the Christmas decorations everywhere in every street of Beijing. Colorful Christmas decorations, Christmas performances, and all other things will give you a strong festive atmosphere.

    Although young Chinese only know very little about the customs and stories about Christmas, they celebrate it in their own ways. The Christmas they are keen to celebrate has been changed by the younger generation, and seen as a chance to meet with friends, celebrated in rich innovative ways day by day.

    Christmas decoration, combined with the characteristics of China and the West this year, dazzled all the people in Shanghai, the most international city of China. Created in the enterprise to meet next year in an atmosphere of joy, a lot of people stop their busy pace, get together to celebrate Christmas in a Chinese-style shopping, dining, parties, play cards or sing KTV clubs, more young people will choose together to open a lively party or carnival party.

    For many people, in addition to the holiday excitement, the big worry is what to wear. Western-style dress, or Chinese-style dress. My Friend has encountered such an embarrassment in a banquet. When most people dressed in evening dresses, there are still few people wearing jeans and down jackets in which out of tune. In fact, in this kind of occasions, jeans can not show your personality, but only show that you are lack of respect and self-cultivation.

    After all, most of Chinese people are not familiar with the rules and etiquette. So the safest way is to wear a cheongsam, not only can show the oriental style, but also will not look discourteous. As party life is becoming one of parts of work and communications. How to dress is at least relating to that if you are experienced, or if you are familiar with etiquette.

    Most of white-collar workers still choose to wear cheongsam on Christmas party, decent and generous. Cheongsam is the best dress which can bring out Chinese women’s figure and temperament, tall and slender, flat shoulder and nice bottom. Cheongsam can show the graceful and nice body of Chinese women perfectly. Modern cheongsam still maintains the traditional charm in many places, not only has the beauty of fashion, but also has some collect value.Mandarin-Collar-Short-Sleeves-Ankle-Length-Brocade-Beaded-Cheongsam-Chinese-Dress-p4089.jpg

    And Cheongsam has always been the exclusive beauty tips of Chinese women, in the international red carpet, lots of Chinese actresses dressed in cheongsam. So some foreign stars who want the kind of elegant beauty in cheongsam begin to do something. Especially the most top fashion brands such as Chanel, Dior and so on, are hot advocating Chinese style, then more and more people choose to wear improved cheongsam appeared in various occasions and become a beautiful landscape.

    Mandarin-Collar-Short-Sleeves-Knee-Length-Polyester-Cheongsam-Chinese-Dress-p4088.jpgInformation reproduced in the blog http://www.bosgoo.com/blog/

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