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Kya's OOT Bags Pretty Much Done!!!! (Lots of Pics)

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 I have been collecting stuff for our OOT Bags for quite a few months now and I finally have them done for the most part, only have to get a few last minute things to add. My advice for anyone just starting to work on OOT Bags... don't get in too much of a hurry if you have a long time before your wedding. I jumped the gun on the a few things and now have WAY too many Cups that are personalized so they're going to make good camper/cabin cups now ; ) Alright let's get started!!!







Bags- Oriental Trading

Welcome Books - Will have a break down of them to follow

Magic Towels- Dollaram

Tropical Notepad- Oriental Trading

Sandal Notepad- Oriental Trading

Maraca Pen- Oriental Trading

Tide Sink Packs- Amazon.com

Sandal Playing Cards- Oriental Trading

Personalized Stein Cups- Ebay

Key/Tip Holders- Ebay (except the coil, they are from Oriental Trading)

Wedding Week Survival Kits - Contents to follow

(I will be adding some sort of snack to the bags also, probably chips/crackers and some sort of sweet, as well as name tags for the bags that I will be making)








Wedding Week Survival Kits:

Aloe Vera- Avon

Oh Shit Kit (1st aid kit)- Dallorama

Trident- Amazon.com

Pepto- Ebay

Tylenol- Ebay

Tums- Amazon.com

Chapstick- Dallorama


Welcome B






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Front of Book



Welcome Letter



Wedding Day Info- still have to wait to here about welcome dinner and moring after brunch to add



Excursion List/Descriptions






Drink Cheat Sheet



Helpful Spanish Phrases



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Almost done....



Photo Share Info


(I also have to add the Guest Room # List page- which I haven't decided if I'm going to add one page with everyone's names and a spot for the room # or if I will do a right up on each guest/couple/family with pictures and add a room # sticker... depends on home much more energy I feel like putting into these huh.gif



And last put not least, the Back of the Books


I bought the books from the Dollarama, they are photo albums, if you haven't noticed yet. I originally wanted to get the small single photo ablums for these, but with my luck when I was in the city to buy all this stuff, I couldn't find them anywhere!!!!!! Actually not right... I did find 5 at Zellers, but they were 5$ each and I needed 25 of them.... way too much to spend, so I went back to the Dollarama and got these ones.


Hope everyone enjoyed this and maybe got some ideas also. I know I have borrowed a few ideas, if not all, from other brides on here!!!!! Let me know if you have questions about anything!!!!



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I love your welcome booklets!! Your guests will love them!

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