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Welcome Aboard Bags????

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As DominiqueAmber said, there is a master list of items for the OOT bags. However, I think that OOT bags for cruisers is going to be different than the traditional DW. Imho, it's in its own category of DW...the awesome DW category. lol pinkie.gif


I have taken some suggestions from the master list. But, I am still trying to tweak it to fit the needs of my cruising guests!

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I know what you are going through trying to find helpful information.

I have found so much stuff on pinterest that you can compile onto you own page.

That way you can keep and refer to ideas that you like.

Mine is vow renewal  under Pam.

We are planning to sail from Balitmore to Bermuda and have a Beach ceramony.

I want to have welcome bags in the ships cabins for whomever will be joining us.

We won't be having a large groupe so we can afford to spend a little more on the contents.

I have found a ton of things that can be monogramed and have dates.

I found really nice beach bags at Jesses Wedding.com for $12 with the monogram.

I plan on putting little bottles of sun tan lotion, monogramed flip flops with Bermuda and

the date, http://www.etsy.com/shop/FlipSideFlipFlops?page=3

Ball caps and sun visors for the women at another site that does reasonable monograming.

Just google whatever you think you might want.

Everything that I'am planning to monogram will only have the date 2015 and Bermuda.

That way it will be a reminder of the event, but usuable for them.

I just hope the ship will help me get these into their rooms.

I will add other little thing like wipes, water bottles and whatever else I think of.

I will have already sent luggage tags to those that have responded yes to the save the date invites.

A lot to think about so hope this helps some.




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I like your idea of putting only the year on the monogram items. We have a logo with our names on it that I am going to change to Key West & Cozumel since those are our cruise ports. I was debating on the date, but now I'm def going to use your idea!

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