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Oh wow! I never even thought of this. We have been using our Capitol One Platinum.....hopefully they don't charge these fees either.

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Oh wow! I never even thought of this. We have been using our Capitol One Platinum.....hopefully they don't charge these fees either.

I did find out that Visa charges 3% in international fees, and Cap One does not charge anything.

One week from today I'll be in Mexico! Jessica sent me a list of everything we have agreed on for our welcome party, rehearsal dinner, ceremony and reception - she is very organized so don't worry!

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Happy wedding week @@upstatekj, hope you have an amazing time!!

@@JenniferH114 - have you gotten your pictures yet?  I am waiting till you get yours to ask him about mine lol. It's been a month and I am getting antsy to see them!  I can't wait to see yours too!  Once I get mine, I am planning on writing a full review too, just not ready to be done with it all yet. 

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@@Sabes44 - We have not received our photos yet. A few weeks ago I sent a follow-up "thank you" to Juan and he said he'd be getting started on them the following week. I actually just sent a second follow-up yesterday, but haven't heard back yet. While I am very excited to see them, I know it's busy season and it's not uncommon for photos to take weeks. I'm just hoping they come soon!

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@@Sabes44 - Juan just got back to me and said mine should be finished up today. Arturo was in a (minor) motorcycle accident, so Juan was working solo and things were taking longer. I'll keep you posted!

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Brides to Be,


I am cleaning house and selling tons of great wedding items you will need for your destination wedding.


I didn't know brides sold on this blog when I first joined months before my wedding. Now that it's over, wish I had of known before paying full price on decorations I used for only a few hours. Don't be like me!!!


Here's what I'm selling:


* White Sheers/Fabric - $85 for both. (Perfect for the gazebo/alter. Very long and the material is much more flowy than organza).

* Decorative Hangers - $10 Each (Bride, Flower Girl, bridesmaid, junior bridesmaid)

* White Moroccan Lanterns for Centerpieces - $18 Each (STUNNING! Your Will definitely make a statement with these!)

* White Petal Overlays - $20 each (I have 8). Stunning! Gorgeous! Posh!

* Victoria Secret bridal tank & Just married tank - $20 Each. (Perfect for photo op)

* Mexican Fiesta decor items:

-serapes runners ($10 ea.),

-small colorful lanterns in assorted bright colors ($10 ea.)

-Papel Picado (Mexican tissue Paper Banner) - $20 (13ft . unused, colorful, XL, and gorgeous!!! ($20)

(All are perfect for a welcome party or event with a Mexican theme - Stand out!).

* Vera Wang Hayden bridal gown - $1500 or best offer (Size 12/14 perfect for garden/ beach ceremony or Trash the dress).

* Sand ceremony picture frame box - $20

* White Floral backdrop garland - $15 Each. (Use these to make your backdrop POP! So soft! Flowy! And gorgeous! Great alternative to using the crystal curtain that they charge a fortune for and that everyone has)

* Lanterns - $18 each (I have 8 - all are one size 18", looks great with LED candles)

* White sequin tablecloth 72" - $40 (lovely and nice and will be stunning for the sweetheart table or cake table.)


PM me if interested. I have much more (new chair sashes, etc).

These items do Not include shipping. I can send what ever you want in bulk so it can be cheaper to ship.

Thanks! And Congratulations! :-)

I have vacationed at Excellence twice and it is amazing! I got married at Azul because I had a lot of single friends coming.













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hi everyone! i just got back from 10 days of blissfulness.


I want to begin by saying that the wedding was epic!!!!! we had such a great time and everything was done just the way i wanted to! Jessica and mariana did an amazing job!!!  the head waiter of my wedding was amir and he was on top of everything, kept refiling my husband's captain and coke with double shots constantly and my champagne too!  our head bartender was louis, he's normally at the martini bar running the show...he was awesome too!

i have no complains everything they did was professional.


Our dj was dj mannia and they as well did a great job...in mexico they like to play slow songs during the wholeeee dinner and then start the party...that didn't go well with us lol we immediately requested for the party to start, jessica was concerned about people not eating their dinner but i made it clear that if they don't eat it just take it away, my guest rather drink ad party hahaha.

i had 41 fun people, and fernando our MC was great, we told him to get comfortable and take a shot even if the whole staff there wouldn't dare to drink hahahah.....he started a conga line dancing out of the foyer around the lobby and back to the dance floor inside the foyer...he was GREAT!



Our photographer was juan carlos from beach wedding studio... he was the sweetest guy, he was thanking us up and down for letting him shoot the wedding. he did an amazing job capturing every moment, we didn't want many poses, we aren't big fans of that so he went ahead and followed our lead and took the cutest most emotional and raw pictures. he gave us our pictures and video in within 3 days from the wedding and we were able to take everything home.



the spa: Angel did my hair and makeup, he did so so so good, him and Sonia gave my girls  suitable looks for each and every one of them...my mom was so happy with her makeup...she has oily skin so she was worried that by 5 o clock she would be shiny but the makeup lasted all day and night without budging.  i paid for all my girls hair and makeup plus my moms and mother in laws, we were a total of 8.



this is my review of my wedding .... let me know if you would like to see pictures and a full review of the resort :)



best of luck to all upcoming brides and thank you to all the former brides that helped us get through planning and gave amazing advices <3 

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Our photos are ready!!! Here is a sampling that Juan posted on his blog. He sent us over 900 photos total. Overall, we love them and we are so happy we went with Juan (and Arturo). We love the creativity that they added to our special day. 



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