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MichCraw's OOT Bags, Finally finished with pics included!

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I had no idea about OOT bags before finding this site, and once I saw what past brides had done I wanted to do this to. What a great way to thank those close to you that will travel all the way down south for you wedding! I did have a lot of problems with my darn bags that I got... being a newbie at this kind of thing ( especially DIY projects), I didn't look at what kind of material the bags were made of... so mistake number one quickly became mistake number 2 .... ironing on the bag equals bag burning and melting.. hmmm .. scrap 1 bag. Mistake number 3 ... embroidery ... bag too thin equals big heap of mess.... scrap bag # 2 .... so I decided I would just attach a little luggage tag or tag on it like some other brides had done... but I really wanted to personalize the bags to no avail. A few weeks ago I was in a store looking for something totally different, when I saw some stencils .. I asked a woman if she knew if there was some sort of paint that could go on fabric ... and ta da .... I finally could personalize my bags!!!! The paint I used is called so soft, they have amazing colors and it really is a fantastic product! So here is when I started off .. I did some seahorses, starfish and shells....  :






This is one bag finished and I decided to add the luggage tag with our logo as well and I added everyone's name on the handle!




This is a picture of a bag with all the products I put inside it:




Here are a few pictures of the individual things I put inside of the bags, the bags include:


Sewing Kit

Wedding Survival Kit

Medication bag

Face Towel

English Spanish Dictionary

Starfish Bookmark

Travel Mug

Personalized Playing Cards

Grocery bag that rolls up into a beautiful flower

Hand Sanitizer



More to come...



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Starfish bookmarks were one of the first items I got, bought them off a past bride who had too many.




Second item also bought from a previous bride on this site .. the travel mugs .. with a nice hibiscus flower and Punta Cana already on it!

I just had some waterproof labels printed out and added everyone's names on them.




I heard there aren't any face towels in the DR, so I added one if each bag wrapped it in a ribbon with a little square tag with our names and the date.




Our logo was made by the infamous MrsTGun, who you might have followed throughout her DIY preparations for her wedding. How she had the time to help out fellow brides I don't know .. but I will be forever grateful!

Here is our logo on the hand sanitizer that I printed on waterproof transparent stickers.




Medication Kit includes a pack of Pepto-Bismal tablets, Anti-diarrhea pills, Acetaminophen bottle for headaches etc... and one lip balm that I added our transparent stickers too as well. I photocopied the directions for the pepto and the immodium and put it in each medication kit.




Sewing kit I got at Micheal's .. they were 50 cents each this summer, added our logo on the top. ( See how much I love our logo!! ) hehe





Water resistant cases bought off Amazon.. was very disappointed .. ( mostly in myself) for the price I paid .. they are quite expensive I didn't bother to look up the dimensions thinking they would be okay to put the room key in .. however they are not big enough .. they can store some money and a few coins... oh well ... my bad I should have taken out a ruler to see if the dimensions were good!




My favorite thing of all .. and the thing that I splurged the most ... bought off the KNOT .. I really wanted personalized playing cards... we are a family that plays a lot of card games and I just loved this idea so had to get them!!!





Last but not least ... this little item will be in my future hubby's bag ... just wrapped it up ... it's the album I  had made of my boudoir shoot! Can't wait to see the pictures of his face opening this up!!!




Hope you guys enjoyed, if you have any questions go right ahead .. I really had a blast making these and i'm handing them to all my guests at the resort ... since we are a small group they are all fitting into one luggage!


Michèle xo

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They look great!! Love your logo!

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