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MJKH - Wedding week survival bags are done!!! Lots of pics : )

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I *LOVE* this idea! I loved it enough to make Welcome Bags for my guests too! My wedding is May 5th, 2014 in Montego Bay Jamaica!! 


Water wallet

The Water Wallet idea

20140409 000946

Everything as a whole, including the beach bag (large bag), the "pharmacy bag" (a small pencil case), and the "wet swimsuit bag" (a courier bag from Dollarama)

20140409 001144

The "pharmacy" bag (a small pencil case) with
*Lip Balm
*Shower cap
*Anti-fungal cream (athletes foot)
*Glade air freshener (who doesn't need this when travelling?!)
*Moist Wipes

20140408 223745

The other items in the "Wet swimsuit bag"
*Sunscreen (spf 50)
*Aloe Vera Gel
*Hand sanitizer
*Deodorant (male and/or female)
*Shaving cream (male and/or female)
* 2 toothbrushes
*Travel sewing kit
*Eye mask (male and/or female)
*Shower puff
*Comb and brush
*Water wallet

20140408 224035

All of the items without the carry bags (items listed above)
Most items were purchased at Dollarama or Walmart, and I used an iron on transfer to put the design on the beach bags (also found at Walmart). I made the logo for free at http://www.designmantic.com/monogram-design/create


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