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Bridal Gown Fashionable Styles of 2011 winter

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There are three fashion trends for bridal gown in this winter: palace style in trend, mermaid design in silhouette and ruched detail in cutting. You can surely find your favorite one.

  Palace style; complication is preferred.

  Palace style is one of the basic styles for bridal gown. Now the classic style is returning to the fashion area and complicatedly luxurious bridal dress is fashionable again. Rococo silhouette, piles of flowers decoration, romantic flouncing and exquisite lace show vividly womenâ€s sensibility and romance. This season palace bridal gown of classic style is active in fashion area and is followed by many brides.

   Model show of this theme: gowns of rami al ali reshow noble luxury by gorgeous design. Lots of ruches and embroidery as well as exaggerated tower skirt make us feel like walking in Victoria imperial palace. 2011, in the trend of classic fashion, rami al ali highlights folksy luxury. It takes soft colors as its key color, which is best suitable for grand wedding in church and hotel.

Mermaid style: combination of simplicity and grace.

  Mermaid design is one of the basic silhouettes of bridal dress. At the same time, bridal gown is the most gorgeous design in clothes. Among all the designs, mermaid gown is the distinctive one. Comparing to the column style, mermaid asks better figures. Therefore, brides in mermaid dress are more confident for their stature. However, mermaid design of this season no longer emphasizes its wavy curves. It heightens its skirt and makes the bride more elegant and slimmer.

Model show of this theme: in the latest fashion of bridal gown, Vera Wang makes mist effect by cascading white yarn. At the beginning of its show, the mermaid gown wore by super model, Hanne Gaby Odiele, was most impressive. Fitted style to the upper knee and the mist yarn spreads abruptly forming a graceful mermaid.

Ruched details: attract all eyes.

  Ruche is one of the basic embellishments of bridal gown. Now designers are satisfied with mere embroidery and beading. They are trying stereoscopic design in more complicated style. In the area of bridal gown design, besides of great fabric, elegant ruche is also strictly required. Bridal gown with appropriate ruche can highlight the brideâ€s stature. Whatâ€s more, amazing ruche in flowing design will not burden the gown.

Model show of this theme: though elegance is born to be, it needs also culture. Kathy Ireland knows it well. Therefore, the bridal gown she designs is always full of grace. The design, in 2011 winter, pays attention to ruches. There are ruches both in skirt and waist. It makes the bride more attractive.

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