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Hello there,


I've been thinking about having e-invites but I am not sure if it is really tacky or not. I just been thinking that people don't really keep the invitations anymore and also it will be less expensive. Another reason besides money is that I have guests from different countries and I really think it will be a mess to send them by post.


What do you people think?, Will it look bad to send them electronically?. Do people find it really tacky?..My really closest friends have mentioned that they don't care but I'm not sure about my fiancee's..hence the doubt...

Any thoughts?...



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I was thinking about the same thing. Maybe electronic STD and then a paper invitation? I think in this day and age it should be perfectly acceptable especially if all of your guests are computer savvy. I can see where some would think it's tacky though.


So I'm no help in actually answering your questions but I figured I'd throw in my 2 cents. I'd like to hear other opinions as well.

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