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Steps for Wearing Bridal Gown before the Wedding

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On the day of wedding, bridals will be nervous, especially when they are putting on bridal gown. The bridal shape is easily messed up if the steps are wrong. To help you have a perfect wedding processing, here we offer some tips for wedding preparation.

The night before wedding

Prepare a bag for emergency. The bag should include: needlework, scissors, deodorant, panty-hose, cosmetics and so on. Have your bridesmaid or your mother keep it.

Four hours before wedding

Make your bridal hair and paint your fingernails. Have your dresser come to your place so that you can save some time. You can also paint your fingernails in the evening before the wedding or you can do your nails well the day before.

One hour before wedding

Put on the bridal gown. Remember to have make-up half an hour before putting the bridal gown. Order for wearing bridal gown: first is petticoat, second is the bridal gown, make a final hair style and then put on the veil. If you are going to take pictures beforehand, youâ€d better put on the bridal gown two hours before the ceremony.

On the wedding scene

As the Wedding March is played, take a deep breath and walk on the red carpet. Here you need only to square your shoulders and keep your bearing. Pay attention not to step your skirt bottom. Then you can relax and enjoy the whole day.

Friendly tips: Donâ€t forget to have someone to hold up your train if you need it. Sheâ€d better go together with you for your gownâ€s final modification so that she would know how to handle the height of the train. The skirt should be at least one inch higher than the floor during your walk. It can promise your easy walk.

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