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Tricky Wedding

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Ok I have a multi-dimensional wedding plan that will require most aspects to run on a tight schedule.


I have my heart set on both a beach wedding, and a cruise trip. Also, a September trip, which I understand means I have to plan for the possibility of hurricane.


My dream is to get married at the Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos port of call location on September 12, 2012. Does anyone have experience with this type of circumstance? This would be a morningish wedding, and I'd need a venue/location that would be affordable because obviously, I wouldn't being staying at a resort. The important aspects of my ceremony would be a picturesque location and an awesome photographer.


Oh, and this wouldn't be a "legal" ceremony so we wouldn't have to deal with the formalities and complications associated with that. We will either get married by an officiant at home a few days before or after the trip.


Any help, tips, advices, even the negatives..I'm ready for it!


Thanks in advance!



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Here is a link to a wedding we did recently in Grand Turk. My husband just got back from doing photo and video at a wedding there this weekend, when it's posted on our blog I'll come here and post a link to it.




Grand Turk is small, really small.  I don't know of any photography companies on the island, we are flown in a few times a year to shoot weddings and families there (we're located in the Turks and Caicos on the island of Providenciales).   You can just get married on the beach (there are any "huge" or newer resorts there really, but there are fabulous beaches.)


Hopefully that post can give you some ideas.




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