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J and G 2012

Photographer Dilemma…. Budget Brides Help!

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I agree Jamie! You don't want to take a chance for your photos, does that mean your cousin isn't coming? Could you ask her to do your AHR photos or maybe reception photos? You could then maybe give her some cash..It is always tricky when it is family.


We were worried about our resort photographer so we are going with a husband and wife team and are excited! Since you and I are getting married the same day, I am sure I would go crazy if I had something go wrong with our photographer.


Happy planning!...How many days do we have left? I think we are under fifty now, right? Yikes! Lots to do!!

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This is always a really tough spot to be in.  For our wedding we are on a pretty tight budget and ran into problems with photographer budget.  We did invite a set of our friends, a husband and wife, to our wedding.  She is a photographer, just brand new out of school and amateur and had only shot a few weddings.  They responded saying they were coming to our wedding, so I thought I would just suck it up and let her be our photographer, although I really wanted those amazing pictures, which Im not sure she could have delivered.  It would have been an amazing opportunity for her to expand her portfolio ect.  It turns out she ended up getting pregnant and they are unable to attend our wedding so it made choosing a photographer a littl easier.  We ended up going with a local Jamaican photographer, Merrick Cousley, as we liked his photos and fit our budget.  We did look into bringing one from Alberta, but it was going to be to much money.

In my opinion it is definately worth it to splurge on photos.  It puts you in a really tough spot for your family memeber.  Maybe you could have her do some other photos, like engagement photos or something like that so she can still build her portfolio.  I say go with the husband and wife, thats an awesome price!

Originally Posted by J and G 2012 View Post

So we have been going back and forth between hiring a photographer in Jamaica vs. bringing someone with us. And sure enough in my procrastinator way I leave it until the last minute! Well actually we recently got a really good deal on the last two seats on our plane.


So hereâ€s my new dilemma, Iâ€ve got two photographers on  the hook. This first in my second cousin, weâ€re not that close but still family and she is going to do our wedding/TTD etc. for her $1000 seat of the plane. Problem is sheâ€s an amateur, does really nice portraits, but her wedding portfolio is lacking.  I know that I will be giving her a chance of a life time, (Website for comparrison http://www.wix.com/maloriew/mw-photography ).. but….


The other photographer is a wife and husband team, they do amazing work (this is who originally wanted but was out of the budget) Now that we have these cheap seats my FI has agreed to up the budget to $2000 so that they can come. (FYI hereâ€s there website, I love love love them! http://samanthaerinphotography.com/blog/ ).


Iâ€ve been really conscious about budget and really have been planning this weeding on shoestrings, but do I really want to skimp out on photography? I know all the brides are going to say no… but really thatâ€s an extra $1000 that I could use to beef up our OOT bags and flowers etc. etc. etc.


I just donâ€t know! Then thereâ€s the part about letting down the cousin, and having to tell her, she doesnâ€t get her big break… another more experienced photographer gets the deal.





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