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Info. on Barcelo Marina Palace please :D

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Hello everyone,

we are getting married at Barcelo Marina Palace July 2nd, 2012!. I have a good idea of what the reception room looks like that we are getting ( its the upgraded package) and I have a jyst as to what the ceremony decor will look like.  Now, we all know they take their sweet old time replying to emails, at least the new wedding planner does.. So i am wondering if anybody who has been married there or knows can help me with telling me a bit about colour and decor options they have.

We plan on bringing our own center pieces, I Just want to make sure they have chair bows that will match etc. I have seen a lot of Barcelo Marina weddings that have blue bows....think ive seen one with a light brown...but other then that I havent seen any other colours. Was also wondering if anybody knows how much the boquets are there for the bridal party. I was suggested to bring my own as they are fairly expensive....

thanks so much I appreciate any answers I can get. I am new to this and not too sure how it works so prob best to email me lol



Look forward to hearing from you!!


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Hi Jenn,



Welcome to BestDestinationWedding.com.


You might want to PM: Blue Petal or Luxe.  They both have alot of Cuba experience.



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