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LinGus Wedding

Azul Sensatori Wedding? How bad is the beach?

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Hello people!


I'm close to deciding on Azul Sensatori but I'm REALLY worried about the beach. I like everything else about this hotel except for what I've been reading about the beach. Can anyone give me some insight into how bad the beach actually is?



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Congratulations LinGus and welcome to the forums!

I have shot the Azul Sensatori many times and found the beach to be fine. Here is an image of what I have always seen at the Azul. There is some sea weed but they are always cleaning it up so its not that big a problem from what I've seen. The pier is very picturesque for a wedding!

Let me know if you have any questions! Best of luck with all your planning.



Azul Sensatori wedding location

Azul Sensatori 1.jpg

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