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MWise17's Planning Thread - DIY heavy/**PIC HEAVY**

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Hey ladies... I tried but they exceed the maximum MB's  ??? I can email them to you no problem...just PM me your email address. :) Melissa   You did an amazing job! You're wedding looked so perfect!!! Would you mind emailing me your templates? We plan on getting married April 2014 in Mayan riviera:) Thanks for the inspiration. I would also really love a breakdown of what you booked for what part of the week?? Eg. Welcome dinner/bonfire, rehearsal dinner, reception? And were your extras pretty pricey? We think there will be about 50 ppl at our DW, and our budget is about $10,000 including travel... Do-able?? Thank you so much in advance! PS-how much luggage did you need for your awesome extras? And was it a problem once you entered Mexico? Oh ya, my email is kristinalouisepounder@hotmail.com

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Thanks so much ladies...sorry, haven't been on here in a while!!!  (new baby) :)

Hope all of you are enjoying your planning days!  Oh man, how I wish we were back in Mexico in the sun right about now!! 

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