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I love this idea!!!  May just have to follow your lead!  Thanks for the how-to =)

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Hi Mayanbride,


I spent a good 2 weeks on this project…every day after work I would work on it for a couple of hours.

It almost seemed like a part time job!



The biggest waste of time was the floral wire and floral tape method. This method really sucked.

Each brooch you had to attached floral wire and floral tape. This gets REALLY tedious when you have more than 50 brooches.




When you gathered all your brooch steams and flowers together, it was very lumpy bumpy... even though in the picture it doesnt't look bad.  I took it apart several different times...




You can see in the last picture, the huge holes and layers I was dealing with.


Fustrated and tired I went online and found the styrofoam method. I hacked off all the foral wires an started hot gluing!

3 hours later I was done with an even finished product.




Originally Posted by Mayanbride View Post

WOW this is amazing.  How long did you took to make it?  


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