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Let's talk BABY NAMES!

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#31 boscobel

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    Posted 28 December 2011 - 03:05 PM

    So we made the announcement that we're having a boy on Christmas.  We opened the envelope on my birthday (Dec 6th) and kept it a secret from everyone until Christmas and we gave both of our moms a gift to tell them the gender.  Everyone's really excited, but now I think they understand why the drama surrounding the need for a boys name!  Me and MIL were talking about it the other day and Matt got so mad that he stormed out of the house.  Sometimes he has trouble having a conversation without getting upset and thinking it's an argument.  So I talked him down later and explained that we can disagree without arguing, we'll see how that goes.


    And my sister knows the trouble that we've been having so she suggested that we decide to not talk AT ALL about names for a week and during that week, we'll each make up our own list of 5 names as if we are naming the baby alone and after a week of not discussing it, we'll talk about our top 5.  And we can't call names "retarded" (as he's been known to do), we can veto and discuss, but maybe the week break will give some relief and allow us to discuss it without him getting all worked up.


    Here is my current top 5 (in alpha order):


    • Elias / Eli
    • Milo
    • Santino / Santi
    • Teodoro / Theo / Teo
    • Xavier Ryan


    And here is my current full list (in alpha order):


    • Amadeo
    • Brando
    • Cruz
    • Damian
    • Dominic / Domenico / Nico
    • Elias / Eli
    • Enzio
    • Levi
    • Marco
    • Massimo
    • Milo
    • Rafaele
    • Rocco
    • Santino / Santi
    • Savino
    • Sebastiano
    • Teodoro / Theo / Teo
    • Valentino
    • Vincenzio / Enzio
    • Vincenzo / Cenzo
    • Xavier Ryan



    #32 boscobel

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      Posted 01 February 2012 - 08:53 AM

      Minor update:  After we did the top 5 lists, we did another top 5 of our combined lists and then saw which ones overlapped on each of our lists.  Then we each chose our favorite from that list and are supposed to be considering each others top choice.  So far, it's going pretty well, we both have a top name and we both like the others top choice, so hopefully we can stop fighting about it!


      My fave:



      Matt's fave:

      Marcello (mar-chel-o)


      I have a problem with each of them though.  First, I was a fan of Marcello as a full name, but not ok with any of the nicknames that we were thinking about, and we both agreed that we didn't like Marc.  (nicknames that we thought of and didn't like: Marc, Marco, Marcus, March, Cello, Lo)  So I was having some problems with this b/c I knew that I would want to have something I could call him for short and I felt really bad b/c I wasn't able to really like the name that Matt picked.  Until yesterday, someone suggested "Marlo" as the nickname and I love it!  Now I am totally ok with Marcello being an option.


      The problem with Santino is that Matt wants to calls him Sonny for short but Sonny is my dads dogs name.  And my dads dog is like his favorite thing in the world.  I think Matt's just trying to be difficult by saying that and using it as an excuse not to chose "my" name b/c why would he even want to call his son the same name as a living family pet?  Or even a deceased family pet?


      But I'm not getting too worried about that right now b/c I think if we decide on Santino, when he's holding his son, he's not going to want to call him Sonny b/c it's too closely related to the dog.

      That's where we are now!  Any updates from you Casey?

      #33 boscobel

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        Posted 05 February 2012 - 07:01 AM

        Oh my lord.  This baby naming stuff is for the birds!  We had our 2nd 3d ultrasound yesterday and my dad asked how we were doing on names.  So I told him we had it narrowed down to two: Santino and Marcello.  And Matt says "So it's really between those two?  We can't still talk about it??"  I said, "of course we can still talk about it, nothing is set in stone!"  That was pretty much the end of that convo b/c it wasn't the time or place.


        Then we were out to dinner last night so I asked him to expand on it, like was he asking that b/c he had other suggestions or didn't love these two options?  He comes out of no where and says he wants a more traditional name but he knows that won't happen since I like ethnic names so he never suggests them.  So I asked him for some of his more traditional suggestions and he has none!  He says "anything normal".  Ummmm, that doesn't help.


        Any ideas for something he would consider traditional and I would consider unique enough to use?  I'm thinking maybe we might drop the Italian connection?  


        Dude, I really have no idea.  I mean, I can't believe that I'm halfway through my 8th month and he decides to throw this curveball.  Why couldn't he have said this earlier!!!

        #34 LCBride2007


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          Posted 05 February 2012 - 11:11 AM

          what about anthoney - that's kind of traditional yet also italian


          but not cool that he complains and wants something else, yet has no suggestions.

          #35 boscobel

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            Posted 05 February 2012 - 05:09 PM

            His dad's name is Antonio and we didn't really want to start the whole naming after tradition. I know that using the middle name Ryan goes completely against that, but I feel like that's different.  I feel such a connection between losing Ryan and getting pregnant...


            I even started to think about maybe going for an Irish name.  I mean, I think I have the last name for a super cool italian first name, but if he wants something more traditional, maybe we can get away from the really ethnic names, but maybe I can bring in my irishness somehow??  Honestly, I've been so busy this weekend that I literally haven't put any more thought into it then what I've typed out here so far, but I'm trying to kinda start over with a fresh new open mind.

            #36 LCBride2007


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              Posted 05 February 2012 - 05:53 PM

              well now, irish names i love - so this could get fun!


              are you open to naming the baby ryan?

              #37 boscobel

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                Posted 05 February 2012 - 06:06 PM

                I don't know if I could.  I'm not against it in it's theory, but I don't know.  I think it would be hard to call him Ryan every day.  I think the connection might be too close.  Then again, it took me awhile to be ok with using Ryan as the middle name, so who knows how I'll feel in 2 months.


                If we went the irish route, it couldn't be anything TOO crazy.  I just got into my jammies and was going to start researching more "traditional" names to see if I can make a list.


                One name that I've always loved that's traditional is James, but I really prefer it for a girl.  And I hate any nn for it, so I haven't mentioned it to Matt b/c he's all about nn's.  


                Ok, off to start a brand new search from scratch!

                #38 JoanneIreland

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                  Posted 18 February 2012 - 01:47 PM

                  Any updates on names Carly? I love all the names you listed, but I especially love Milo (it's in my top 5 for a boy too!).

                  I was born and bred in Ireland so am also thinking of a traditional Irish name as an option, but growing up around all Irish names it doesn't sound as appealing to me as it does to my husband! For a boy I do like Liam, but not sure for a girl.

                  Hope you and your hubby have found a name you both love.

                  #39 boscobel

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                    Posted 18 February 2012 - 02:25 PM

                    I obviously love Liam b/c it's my nephew's name, so I think that's a great choice.  Another name my sister was seriously considering for him was Declan and I wasn't crazy about it back then, but it's really grown on me and I'd probably say it's my have Irish boy name.


                    And my favorite of all time for girls is Fiona.  I don't even care that Shrek made Fiona into an ogres name, I just think it's so pretty.


                    Maybe you guys can compromise and pick a name that is Celtic or Welsh in origin, so slightly different then Irish for you, but still exotic enough for him??  I know my sister wanted Irish names but was having trouble with girls names b/c she wanted to keep the traditional spellings but Americans don't know how to pronounce Gaelic words, so she ended up veering off and picking a Welsh name for her daughter - Bronwen.


                    As for us...we're still kind of in no where land.  Since he brought up the whole "let's go traditional" thing a few weeks ago, we hadn't really talked about it. But I asked him if he was naming the baby with no input from anyone else, what would it be and he said with no delay "Dominic".  So I told him that should've been his favorite name then, not Marcello!!  So I said that if we are going less ethnic, more traditional, my favorite name is Xavier.  Ryan will still be the middle name no matter what.  And then the other day he texted me and called the baby "Xavier".  I wrote back "or Dominic or Mateo, or who knows!"  And he texted back that Xavier is really growing on him and he thinks that might be it.  So I'm still letting that sit and haven't brought it up since, but we *may* be getting somewhere finally!

                    #40 ~Nicole~

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                      Posted 21 February 2012 - 08:47 AM

                      Our names are going to be a surprise, but at the rate we're going, if we have a girl she will be called noname :(

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