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Different process wedding photo album choice

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A lot of new people in the choice of a marriage album, will have different ideas and opinions.
NEWPHOTO albums production company for photo album different process to the introduction, in the choice to provide reference for the album.
Currently married the types of album: Flush mount albums,magazine photo album, crystal photo albums, leather face photo album, etc.
Magazine photo album is scale cover hardcover, the cardboard packet plate, modeling beautiful and easy, to preserve them, is often do process;
Crystal photo album cover is the crystal board, fine jade-like stone is bright, but as a result of too smooth, is not conducive to save, easy to wear away, so have special texture crystal cover, not easy to wear;
The album cover is the leather face cortex, the foreign people prefer, more for wedding with pat.




Reference material:http://www.aliexpress.com/fm-store/316252

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