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Jasmine's Bridal Shop Official Thread [post your questions here for us]

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Dear bride-to-be's and brides :)


My name is James and I am the co-owner of JasminesBridalShop.com.  We are opening a thread here to help any of you who are interested in our services, and for any questions you may have.


About our workshop:


We are a factory-direct company that sells dresses online exclusively.  We specialize in highly accurate replicas inspired by designer dresses.  Our key strength include:


- Accomplishing very complex replications with high accuracy by spending about twice (Premium Grade) or 4 times (Designer Grade) as much time on each dress for accuracy compared with other bridal factories in China.  We often remake a portion or entire dress to ensure we achieve promised replication accuracy.  Our focus is completely on quality and customers satisfaction.


- Using the best available materials (fabric, lace, beading) for the dresses we make.  The dresses we make can stand the test of time, unlike most factories in China who use poor quality materials that can turn color or fade over the course of about 6 months to 1 year, our dresses do not see any kind of degradation for many years


- Making sure the customers get exactly what they want: we email many progress photos to customers to ensure we stay on track all the way until the production is finished, and we try our best to accommodate every reasonable request by the customers.  This makes the production process more costly and time consuming, but we believe that it is the right thing to do.


- Ensuring Almost Perfect Quality Inspections: our quality team goes over every inch of every dress to ensure perfection, as well as triple checking all the measurements.  You should not see any single loose thread, loose stitch, or stain on the dress.  We ensure our dresses are as perfect as they can be before shipping them out.


- Contributing to the Community: unlike a lot of the bridal factories in China, we do not operate a sweat shop where the employees work about 11-15 hours per day and earn less than minimum wages.  There has been reports of several incidents where tailors/seamstresses died of exhaustion in China.  We intend to bring positive influence to the bridal industry in China. All of our tailors and seamstresses are just about the best we can find in Suzhou, China.  They earn the highest wages in the area for this industry, and we plan to expand our factory in the near future to benefit more talented tailors and seamstresses in the workforce.


You can view photos of our work here on Facebook - each photo set represents a happy customer experience: http://www.facebook.com/media/albums/?id=134074349988216


Roughly, we receive 1 thank-you letter for every 2 dresses we ship out, and 1 in 10 customers break into tears when they receive the dress (according to the customers' own words) :)


Our prices are a bit higher than other bridal factories in China, but it is because our accuracy is probably the highest - our dresses are able to stand the most careful critique of side-by-side comparison with the original.  And you won't notice the difference in detail & material quality until you hold our dress in your hands alongside a replica made by another Chinese factory.  Many customers of ours who have ordered from other Chinese factories have mentioned to us that those replicas are really like "tr*sh" compared to ours.


That wraps up our introduction - our mission is to make every bride's dream come true with stunning dresses, finest quality, inexpensive prices, great services.


Please, feel free to ask me any questions :)  Thank you for reading this.  Good luck to everyone's dress search! :)






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