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Hi Brides,


See the below email I received from the wedding coordinator today. Does anybody know how the mexican fiesta works? Do you think our wedding will be affected on the Gazebo or the reception on the terrace? Is the fiesta around the whole resort or just in one place? I can't believe she is telling me this 3 weeks before the wedding!!



Dear Natalie:
I just realize that there is another hotel event on the Beach next to the gazebo, the same afternoon, in fact every Tuesday and Friday, are you ok with that? Tuesdays is the Mexican fiesta from the hotel to all of the guest and they play kind of loud music, since you are located for dinner on the terrace you will have the music on your wedding. Do you wan to change locations for reception dinner?
For the flowers the one you select has white and yellow flowers, do you want me to add purple?
Find the bridesmaids bouquet options, any from there is $65 usd +115 tax and the additional buttonier (over 2 that comes included in the package) are $15 usd +115 tax each, fin d the files attached.
For ceremony rehearsal is fine for Monday morning after our meeting.


Cecilia Rangel



Thanks girls!!

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