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Swarovski Crystal Starfish

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Hi girls! I was in Michaels over the weekend to grab some supplies for my invites and came across these crystal starfish. I'm obessed with my starfish theme so I just had to grab these! I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them but my sister told I would figure out something. I'm 99% sure I'm going to have them attached to my BM's bouquets and then have them turned into a keychain possibly after the wedding as a little keepsake. There is a hole at the top so you can make a necklace, keychain, etc.


Just thought I'd share for all the other brides out there who love starfish just as much as me woot.gif


Right now they are 40% off (but a new sale may have started this week). The regular price is $9.99 so I'm collecting coupons as I find them to go buy more! So far I have two 50% off coupons to use.IMG_2329.JPG



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Thanks Lisa! It's hard to find anything starfish so when I do I make sure I buy a bunch haha

Originally Posted by LisaMatterni View Post

So stunning! It's cute... 


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