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Hi everyone. I was just informed that my WC is Fransina. Has anyone worked with her? Also, does anyone have pictures of the different options for the reception site? I asked them to send me some but they haven't as of yet. Thanks :-)

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Hi! I am new to this site, but I am getting married August 2013 @ NOW Larimar. All your postings have been such a great help to me. The AM Resort that we stayed in Mexico for my niece's wedding, Dreams Tulum was the reason why I chose to go with an AM Resort for my wedding. I have my dress, shoes and colors. Just have a few questions in my mind and ideas I am constantly playing around with. Our theme is the starfish.

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I am getting married August 2013 @ Now Larimar! All of your posts have been a great help so far!!! Thank you!

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HI There,


I noticed you guys are from Vancouver & had your wedding at Now Larimar.  We're planning our wedding there for July 2013. How much did it cost you guys for just flight/hotel-all inclusive?  And was your flight a direct one?  How was the weather when you guys went?   Were there any surprise hidden costs for your wedding package...stuff that isn't posted on their online-wedding package info?  Sorry for all the questions...we've sent questions to the wedding coordinator over there, but the response time takes quite a while before we hear back.  


Ok any info that you can tell us would be great!



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Originally Posted by SusanMike2013 View Post


Thanks ...


I have been waiting on a reply from Mercy for some time now...

I will just wait and see :-) Worse case if I don't find out I bring back up cd's and load the ipod up with good dance songs!

here is what i got for the dj info:


Regarding your questions, the wedding couple needs to be at the hotel at least 3 business days prior the wedding date regardless of the kind of ceremony. This is because we need to prepare everything and send all the information to the involved departments in advance.


Please receive our Music & Audiovisuals (3 Hours) packages:


· Sound System (2 Speakers, Wireless Microphone, Console, IPod or Laptop Connection) US$350


· DJ Services A (Equipments, DJ Services, Vive 2.1 light, swarm, Hydro, flash tomic) US$540


· DJ Services B (Equipments, Dj Services, 10 Led Lights, Vive 2.1, Swarm, Hydro, Flash tomic,

Smoke Machine) US$640


· DJ Services C (Equipments, 2 Speakers, Dj Services, Robotic lights, 10 Led lights, Vive 2.1, swarm,

Hydro, Flash tomic) US$740


· DJ Services D (Equipments, DJ Services, 4 Speakers,10 led lights, vive 2.1, swarm, hydro, flash

tomic, smoke machine, laser) US$840


· Dj Services E (Dj, Emcee, Lighting, Microphone, Speakers) Emcee (MC- Master of Ceremony), As

optional service you can add a MC to the package A, B, C & D. US$940


A 16% taxes needs to be applied to the cost of these services

Extra hour

DJ US$200

DJ+MC US$300



hope that helps!

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I'm getting married at Now on December 21st. This site has been really helpful!


The online wedding guide used to have pictures of flowers and cakes that were available. Does anyone have a copy of that? I don't see any of those options anymore.


Thanks in advance!

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