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Need help planning my wedding at Majestic elegance...anybody?

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I'm planning to get married July 25th 2012 at Majestic Elegance and I was wondering if anyone that has been married there could share their experience with me. I would be VERY appreciated....

We are having a civil ceremony....

I'm debating between booking the beach and having private dinner/reception there....or go to Asadito restaurant but I'm not sure what I would do after since I dont want to have a private reception/dance.

I'm wanting to reserve a private dinner because I'm not sure if just going to the restaurant will be ''special'' enough...it is a big price difference though....


Is the translation ceremony ackward when it is translated from spanish to english simultaniously?


Not planning on having a dance party after probably just going to go with the flow....


Do we really get the flowers we ask for? Is the photographer from the resort good?


I read that some brides did their first dance at the gazebo which I think is a good idea but how did they get music there?


Any help/advice/would be very appreciated....


Thank you so much!!!!!!! :o)



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I didnt have a civil ceremony, but a symbolic and will be willing to help you out in any way that i can! Just PM me if you can....I dont check as often anymore since I'm married :) 

I got married on 8/20/11. 



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