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Sandals Grande Riviera , Ocho Rios- February 2012 - General info/questions

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Like all the others who first join....Wow! This is awesome and thanks for all your input. I've been reading these posts ALL day and have come up with some questions...


1. I'm actually so happy to find out about possibly bringing a photographer with "us" instead of using the Sandals photographers as it doesn't seem like you get much for all the money you spend. I found one photographer through this site (JoJo) but was wondering if anyone used anyone else or knows of photographers that will travel with you and take pics.


2. I'm going with the BB wedding and doing the private dinner after the ceremony. Is this something that can be done on the beach or don't they do dinner on the beach. I don't have my "appointment" with my WC until late in October so I'm just trying to be as prepared as I can before I talk to her.


And anyone get married there recently that would be willing to give a review or any advice???


Again, I'm so happy I found this site. It's great!!!!









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Welcome Nicky,

I am getting married there in December.

About photographers, you can talk to your local photographer and see if they are willing to come down with you. You will need to book them into resort, so they can take pictures as you friend/guest.

I think that you can have it done on the beach, because they do private dinner for two on the beach, so I dont see why they would not do it,

On that note, I heard beach is very small there... U know just something to consider... Also beware of sand flees ahah they freak me out. 

This site is plenty of info, even though here is not too many brides from Sandals.

Message me if you have more questions, I might be able to help. Also I will write a review when I am back and will be answer any of your questions.



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