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Labor of Love... The design process (powerpoint) alone took me far longer than it should but I must disclose, I am one to over analyze and tweak multiple times before finally being satisfied (aka Type A) cheesy.gif   I started these early so I could take a break between sections as I knew there were multiple parts in the assembly process.  I honestly can't rememeber the cost of tools but all in all, paper costs, each invite probably cost me approx $2.   Finally they are finished and going out in the mail tomorrow!!!  Without further ado... 











photo 3.JPG


photo 4.JPG



photo 5.JPG



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Thanks Ladies!

I got the cardstock (purple, orange and white) from PaperSource.

The printed paper is scrapbook paper from Michaels.  Let me share a secret... scrapbook paper follows the same rule as bridesmaid dresses, it's not all the same.  I searched every Michaels in my area I should say New England as I am on the road every day for work, every Michaels had a different color version of this paper - if they even had it at all! Finally, I found a store that was brand new and bought up 60 sheets of it as it was all the same, this may have taken me longer to find than designing the invites themselves!  
The envelopes are from paper presentation.  I knew I wanted to do envelope liners and this was the only company I could find that did square opening for a 4x9 envelope.  I have included a reply envelope on the back of the folder so they can return their RSVP. you just cant see it from the front :)

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Where did you get the card stock and envelopes?  The envelopes are wonderful and I love the closure on the invite.


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