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How much do we tip the wedding coordinator?

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I am so glad I have read this before we fly out - didn't even think about some of this. Although I am sure when I mention it to my fiance that he will laugh at my naivety! Thanks so much for your helpful hints - I think I have my definitive list now!

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This is an interesting thread. We tipped our servers for the cocktail hour and reception very very generously. I think they probably ended up with $80-$100 each after everyone was done giving them $20 bills all night. They were AMAZING and deserved every tip they received.


We were ready to tip the wedding coordinator $100-$150 but we only saw her twice for about 1 minute each on our wedding day. My husband worked so hard with little details on our wedding day because the WC was no where to be found, so we did not end up tipping her anything. It was a shame because she was a really nice person, but just not there for us when we needed her. I think she may have been attending to another bride or something, which was a big bummer for my husband who was working so hard to make sure everything was set up correctly. After wards we had decorations that were not returned to us and after 2 phone calls to the front desk (while we were staying there), we just gave up on ever getting our decorations back - we wanted to enjoy the remaining 7 days and not be worrying about getting our stuff back. This is the same coordinator that does not return emails for 2 months at a time before the wedding, so I guess I can not say that I am surprised she was not there for us in person. My advice is to follow your intuition when tipping, because a tip to this WC would have not been worth it and over tipping the wait staff felt really good.

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