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S'mores anyone?

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Originally Posted by NurseSarah View Post
We explained it, but decided against it because if we did it, it would have to be by the little beach bar, and the bonfire there isn't huge. Also, we would have had to pay the $22 per person for the open bar, on top of whatever she was going to charge for the s'mores.
Interesting...Sarah, thanks for the info about the location. I'll have to check it out before going for it. As for paying for open bar, I was thinking I wouldn't pay and just make my guests walk over to wherever they have to to get drinks. It can't be that far, right? Or no?

Originally Posted by cessyboston View Post
would dreams provide all the stuff that goes with it like sticks,marshmellow,grams or do you have to bring it (silly question i know)
From what I understood from Mariana, they would provide it. I explained what I needed and told her I wouldn't need waitstaff, just the supplies. Then she got back to me with a quote of $8pp.

Originally Posted by jak27 View Post
I found this in a magazine a while ago, and scanned it in so I would have it. Sorry that's its a bit dull, and an attachment.

But I think it's adorable! For anyone that doesn't want a "bonfire" but instead, just wants a station, it's just tooo freaking cute!

Nice! Thanks for the inspiration. It totally is too cute!

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For the trip that our company took us on at the Finesterra they had a welcome bonfire and smore's...hardly anyone ate them. When people are drinking (which I assume they will be) they aren't really in the mood for sweets. If they did eat them they were mostly women and they each had one, the guys couldn't care less. So $8 for 1 smore....

BUT, I do think it's a very cute idea! They even had strawberry flavored marshmallows as a bonus!

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