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Now Jade Cancun Videography and Cinematography in November 2011

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Hello, Ladies!


I am getting married on November 27, 2011 at Now Jade Resort. I am very excited about the event and still arranging it. I was never crazy about Video, but few days ago I came across some really good Video guys. They don't do just videography, they do what they call cinematography! Few of my friends worked with them and they were very happy with their work. However their fee is little steep for me plus I need to fly them out and pay for accommodations. After discussing it with them, we came to a conclusion that if I find other couples who will be interested in hiring them at around the same time, they will give us all a discount. Therefore, I am getting a word out there hopping I will get some responses. 


Here is the link to their website:




Contact me directly or through this thread if you are interested, so we could arrange something! ASAP!!!


My email: katarusa@yahoo.com





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