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Le Kliff Wedding

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So it has been five months since our wedding and Iâ€m FINALLY getting around to posting our review of Le Kliff.  My how time flies! Even though it has been five months I had to share some of the experiences and vendors that we encountered during our wedding experience because they were so fantastic! I feel compelled to warn you that the review is pretty long and pic heavy! J


We had our wedding at Le Kliff in Puerto Vallarta, below I reviewed each portion of the wedding process. I know how hard finding contact and pricing information can be for wedding vendors so feel free to contact me with any questions!


Rehearsal Dinner:  We were running tight on a tight budget by the time planning for a rehearsal came around, so I was looking for an option to still be able to do a quick run-through and to be able to drop off some of the wedding supplies that I had hauled down to Mexico with me but not cost us an arm and a leg. After some discussion, Carlos (the owner of Le Kliff) came up with an option for us to have a rehearsal in the afternoon the day before the wedding (therefore dinner wouldnâ€t be expected) and he served our guests (approximately 20 of us at rehearsal including spouses) what he called a “Mexican tid-bit†platter which was essentially two or three platters with various appetizers and one drink per guest all for under $100!  

I brought my own supplies for table decor for the wedding including linens, centerpieces, menus, place cards, etc. Before we walked through the rehearsal, Carlos took the time to sit with me and set up one entire table taking notes and pictures along the way so that his staff could set up our tables for the wedding exactly how we wanted them; who needs a wedding coordinator with this kind of service!! J  We also arranged how I wanted the tables, including positioning, how many tables and how many chairs per table. We then did a walk-through of the ceremony, the officiant was not present which made me nervous since I scripted our entire wedding, but Carlos reassured me everything would be great. After the walk-through we had our apps and drinks, everything was excellent. After the rehearsal my mind was at ease that Carlos had everything well under control for the day of the wedding.



I had a really difficult time finding the flowers that I wanted in Mexico during April (peonies & orchids) for a reasonable price so after much research we decided to go with RealTouch flowers. I was hesitant because I had never seen them in person and REALLY didnâ€t want them to look cheesy. We ended up going through Angels Accents, and Angel was AMAZING to work with; so nice and super accommodating. (Make sure you book way in advance because she is usually booked at least 7 months out). I had a mixture of peonies and orchids and everything turned out gorgeous, she was even able to make a last minute change for me because my Dad changed his mind on what color he was wearing. The prices were very reasonable and it put my mind at ease that I received the flowers before the trip to Mexico and I knew I LOVED them and it was one less thing to worry about. I had each bridesmaid take her own bouquet to Mexico so that was also one less thing for me to pack.


Hair & Make-up:

I (as well as 5 bridesmaids and 2 moms) had our hair and make-up done at Heart & Soul salon in downtown PV.  I had a trial run three days before the wedding and they nailed the hairstyle and make-up to exactly what I wanted; also all of the make-up was MAC. The salon is small but very chic and most importantly, air conditioned. On the day of the wedding everything went like clockwork at the salon and out of 8 girls having hair and make-up done, not one disliked the results (which must be some kind of record) lol.


Guys outfits:  After reading several reviews on this forum about Studio Suits, we decided to order all of the guys outfits from this website. We got the linen blend suit in Rome Beige and the entire suit only cost  $99! They also arrived quickly once the orders were placed, I would definitely recommend them.



Transportation: Because Le Kliff is a good drive out of town, we wanted to provide transportation for all of our guests. We arranged for a tour bus to pick up all of our guests at the hotel and drop them off at Le Kliff. We also had the bus pick all of the guests up and return them to the hotel when the reception was over. We arranged for the bus through Puerto Vallarta Tours, the prices were reasonable and we were also able to arrange for a suburban to take my husband and I back to the hotel separately after the reception through them too.  The suburban was the closest thing to a limo that PV has and I highly recommend it! It was nice to have a few minutes for us both to unwind from the dayâ€s events.


Cake: I had seen pictures of a specific cake that worked too perfectly into the scheme of our wedding so I was able to track down who made it. It was a bakery in Puerto Vallarta called Charme Reposteria and our contactâ€s name was Memo.  The cake was unbelievable; we had three different layers and a different flavor for each layer each of them was equally as delish. The baker transported and dropped off the cake at Le Kliff the day of the wedding so we didnâ€t have to worry about getting it there.  The best part about it was the cake only cost a total of $280.



Officiant:  Carlos set up our officiant for us and his name was Minister Gustav Echegoyen. We are not real religious, and I am one of those people that needs to have every last detail hammered out so I scripted the entire ceremony. The minister was not able to make it to the rehearsal so I was a bit nervous come the day of the wedding. He ended up doing an amazing job, he spoke very clearly and didnâ€t stumble through the script at all. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an officiant.


Mariachi: Noe Tal Porcual they offer both a full mariachi or a quartet, we ended up going with a quartet. We arranged with Carlos to have them come down to the ceremony location in the back after the ceremony started. When we walked back down the aisle instead of walking back down to DJ music, the quartet broke into a “classic mariachi†song and all of our guests were so surprised. We had them play through the cocktail hour and then went back to DJ music.




I donâ€t even think I can put into words how amazing Carlos and the entire Le Kliff staff was during the entire wedding and reception.  The staff set up the entire ceremony area chair sashes, wedding arch, rose petal isle, etc., as well as the entire reception area including all tables, centerpieces, guest card table and cake table. All of the girls were put up in the Le Kliff bridal suite while we got ready. It was huge, had a sound system that we could crank our own tunes on and was equipped with its own bathroom, air conditioning, bottled water, and a fresh fruit platter. The perfect way for us to relax and get ready.  When our guests arrived, they were greeted by the Le Kliff staff with a welcome drink of their choice (margarita, beer, or water), while they took in the amazing scenery.  Carlos then ushered them to the ceremony area and had them seated.  The Le Kliff staff were on headsets letting each other know when to send the next set of people down the aisle. The entire ceremony went off without a hitch. We walked back down the aisle to a live quartet who then performed through the next hour for our cocktail hour.  The appetizers and service were impeccable. We couldnâ€t finish a drink before one of the wait staff was replenishing it because they didnâ€t want it to get too warm. The staff was even pulling chairs out for the gals whenever they got up.  We had a three course plated meal that every one of our guests loved and had wedding cake served for desert. After dinner was the reception, we danced the night away. We had a cigar roller and fire dancers (which I discuss below). Carlos and his staff were on point the entire time, he truly made the entire day sooo easy for us and our guests.  I couldnâ€t have asked for better service.






Cigar Roller:  I had been stumped as to what I wanted to have for our wedding “souvenir†and couldnâ€t think of one instance that I actually took the souvenir with me from a wedding. So, we decided to scrap the idea and hired a cigar roller instead. We went through Vallarta Cigar Factory and our contactâ€s name was Francisco. I cannot express how much the guests loved this! The guy sets up a table and hand rolls cigars for the wedding guests with a personalized cigar band for the wedding. Even people that never smoke cigars were in line to get one.



Fire Dancers: I had spoke to Carlos about wanting fire dancers in an e-mail and expressed that I hadnâ€t been able to find any via the internet. He told me that he had a contact for fire dancers and that he would make all of the arrangements for me to have them at the wedding. I have to admit they are a little pricey and my husband was not keen on the idea because of this. BUT, they put on an amazing 20 minute performance they our guests LOVED and afterwards my husband admitted that it was money well spent.



DJ: We arranged for a DJ through Carlos. He recommended to us DJ Manuel “Meny†Peña. I had made my own playlist and had been very specific that I only wanted music played from our playlist. The DJ was the only gripe I had about the entire wedding. He was an hour late so Carlos stepped in and played DJ in the meantime. When the DJ finally got there, he started playing a bunch of his own music. And to top it all off, as the reception was winding down, he went and found my husband and let me know that “now would be a good time to tip meâ€. Not that we didnâ€t plan on tipping him for DJ services, it was just crazy to me that he would approach us in the manner he did.  His prices were reasonable, but I would probably look for another option for DJ.





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Your wedding looked fabulous!!  If you don't mind me asking...What was the price per person at Le Kliff?  I'm getting married July 4, 2012 in PV and I love this place!

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For Spring 2011, price per person was $100, this can increase if you choose to increase open bar time, add a cocktail hour, etc. The food is sooo good though that it is well worth the cost. Plus, I love plated weddings. :)

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