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#11 MikeandMew

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    Posted 14 December 2011 - 10:12 PM

    Yes please names would be great! Thanks so much and happy planning!! Mew

    #12 stbmrsfreeman

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      Posted 03 April 2012 - 05:09 AM

      Hi ladies! This is my first post!!!! I am getting married at Cabo Azul in October 2012. I am so very sad because Georgina just informed me that even though I would be willing to pay the outside vendor fee to have them photograph the wedding, they are not allowed to provide services on Cabo Azul's resort. :( I am so devastated. I will lose my deposit if I decide to cancel my wedding because of this. I also cannot have Suzanne Morel for hair and make up on the resort either. Suzanne will figure something out to have the services provided somewhere close by, however with the photographers, I don't think there is much I can do. Any suggestions or similar experiences? Any advice would be soooooo appreciated! Thank you Cabo Azul brides!!!

      #13 LisaandJeff

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        Posted 06 April 2012 - 01:34 PM


        Your post about them not being able to be your photographer breaks my heart.  I got married at Cabo Azul last June, and their blog is the REASON we chose Cabo Azul.  I'm so confused because they have advertised CAR for free to so many brides through their website.  It is truly a shame that CAR is now only letting certain photographers do weddings at their resort.  Be careful of price mark-ups because of this -- it might be because they are making brides pay extra and giving these "approved" photographers kick-backs.  Bad business.  Shame on Cabo Azul. 


        So sorry that you're going through this.  You should be able to chose who you want for your special day. 

        June 18, 2011 * Cabo Azul Resort

        #14 mrskacmolson

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          Posted 14 April 2012 - 11:07 AM

          UGH!  I totally feel your pain! I am getting married in January 2013 and was also just informed Suzanne Morel cannot come on the property. I have a deposit with her but I think she will get it back to me, my wedding coordinator is working on that. I didn't even know a "list of non authorized vendors" even existed until a few days ago. Funny thing is - Suzanne had no idea she was blackballed from the property either. Its tough right now because all their policies are changing and we are all caught in the middle...and with the lack of communication. I even contacted Grace at the US offices and she said there is nothing she can do, either. SO FRUSTRATING! 


          Has anyone tried the Javier's food? We are going to have to pick our food without tasting and would love some input on what was good and what to stay away from. 



          #15 MikeandMew

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            Posted 16 April 2012 - 04:36 PM

            Hi Mrskacmolson

            Im curious when did you sign your wedding contract with CAR? IF you signed before January of this year they cant impose that rule

            Keep me posted

            Good luck

            #16 MikeandMew

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              Posted 16 April 2012 - 06:26 PM


              I must say JAVIER'S food is one of the reasons we found and are getting Married at CAR! Their food is AMAZE~DELISH~TDF!!! Seriously we have been fans of Javier's for 11 years now when they had only One location in the original location Laguna Beach, California! I really wouldnt worry about the food! I must say we JUST came back from Cabo Azul for a site visit and although we have eaten at Javier's a gazillion times, we still did a food tasting; anyhow the choices we made after tasting 3 dishes we were thinking about are the Ranchero Shrimp with mexican rice and pinto beans, Javiers salad with Champagne dressing (DIE!!) and the Steak Filete Arriego which is a NY steak topped with a delectable sauce with mashed potatoes and a mixed vegetable.........oh gosh so good!! We also tried the Seabass which was amazing as well! You definitely Can't go wrong so dont worry your guests will LOVE LOVE!!

              #17 mrskacmolson

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                Posted 17 April 2012 - 06:37 AM

                MikeandMew - I started the process of trying to sign the contract in February, but just signed it last week. I was just frustrated that there was nothing in the contract about "non authorized" vendors...I had no clue such a list even existed. And they are sticking to their guns - no Suzanne Morel. I'm actually bringing my photographer with me from the US - 


                OH that makes my day about the food! I have been to the Javiers in Newport - LOVE! I wasn't sure if it would be the same (or same chef) since this was in Mexico. Thanks a million for the tips on what was good! Did you try any appetizers? We did a site visit in Feb, but were just looking at that point so didn't do any tastings, this is great information! I've heard the Javiers salad is amazing - thanks for confirming!


                Are you hiring an outside coordinator or having Maria do it all? I hired one and she is the absolute BEST. She is helping me with our grooms dinner and welcome party which we are bringing off site since CA wants $18 for smores - not happening. 


                SO good to connect with another CA bride! If you have any suggestions or ideas - let me know! I'll do the same!

                #18 MikeandMew

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                  Posted 17 April 2012 - 02:38 PM

                  Yes Agree with you on the outrageous prices for welcome, rehearsal dinner's it's crazy~


                  We are going to either do ours at Baja Brewery- Its Amazing~ Think BJ's/Yardhouse style Amazing oven fired pizza's they have Happy hour pricing even for large groups and serve their micro brews in this really cool thing that looks like a coffee pot/ blender. I personally had never seen anything like that but it would certainly be cool for a party~ Im thinking if you only serve pizzas and salad with beer or soft drinks it would be super economical I think what we figured was $18 per person~


                  Second place we are seriously considering is a little Taco dive that has Amazing Tacos called Guacamaya (or Taqueria Mexico- this ones a little more expensive) so we were thinking of doing a taco bar style dinner along with appetizers of Molcajetes with beers and pitchers of ice tea~ This would run us about $12 per person and it is more authentic taste of Mexico but with a casual vibe~ We have contact info if you want for both places

                  Like anything if you plan ahead you can control the budget~ Obviously youre not gonna arrive to any restaurant and allow guests to order from the menu! We decided to preprint our menus for the event with the items that we have prechosen for our food for the taco place..........Now for the pizza place we would just have them serve salad and Pizza thats it No menus would be passed out, and for the drinks we would have them bring 6 of those beer thingys at a time of different microbrewed flavors!


                  Were not doing appetizers instead we opted for chips, salsa & guacamole for cocktail hour....it's cheaper. its typically served before Mexican dinners and will tide people over til din din~~


                  I personally didnt think I would need another person to help plan this for me~ I hate the idea of paying someone for something I can do~ Im kinda thrifty that way~ Georgina has REALLY stepped it up and helped me during the most important time of my planning (when I had absolutely NOTHING chosen and it was 2 MONTHS AWAY!!!)

                  I cant stress to you enough the importance of your photographer!! Make sure he uses different lenses to capture that amazing chapel! Wide angle lenses make for AMAZING pics there~ Also make sure he preshoots the chapel the day before so he will be aware of what a DIFFICULT venue it is to photograph! Stick to your guns and dont feel bad like youre telling him how to do his job~ Remember YOU are paying him to capture one of the most IMPORTANT days of your life~ These pics will be handed down thru generations and you want that day preserved forever thru your photographs!!!! I met with so many photographers and even CABO photographers that have shot there before still dont know how to conquer that beast (the chapel) VERY FEW DO KNOW!!! What makes it so difficult is the fact that it is virtually like a tunnel and the lighting is horrendous! Just wanted to put that out there I would hate for you to be disappointed or not properly informed~


                  As you can tell im a stickler for detail, knocking on the perfectionist door...hehe! So any info you need just ask away!



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                  #19 mrskacmolson

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                    Posted 23 April 2012 - 01:38 PM

                    We totally want to do ours at Baja Brewery as well, but I've emailed them numerous times and nothing back. I just saw there was a phone number to call - I'm going to try that!


                    I love the idea of chips and salsa before dinner - is this for your reception? I didn't know we had that choice - might look into :)


                    I'm so glad Georgina is working so well with you! My coordinator did two family friend's weddings and she is amazing, and not super expensive, so to me she was totally worth it to help with some things in the planning stages and also to be there the "day of" so I can focus on being a bride!


                    Thanks for the photographer info - I'll be sure to tell mine that tip! 


                    How big of a wedding are you having? Who are you using for flowers? Or how about DJ? We are thinking either Daryl Currie for ceremony and cocktail hour and DJ Alex for reception, or DJ Mijares for both (he plays guitar and DJs). 


                    OH I hear you on the perfectionist thing - I'm being such a control freak by hiring my own vendors :)

                    #20 MikeandMew

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                      Posted 23 April 2012 - 06:48 PM



                      The Contact at Baja Brewery is rob@vajabrewingcompany.com David Hattfield (GM) told us that Rob handles party stuff so he would be able to help you!


                      Chips and Salsa/guacamole will be for our cocktail hour


                      My wedding size is at about 45ish still waiting on RSVP's


                      My florist is pending but im looking into Rene CABOFLOWERS nobody ever emails back from MEXICO!!! uggggh! Sorry but their reputation is accurate so annoying!


                      Our DJ is DJ Paco Loved him when we met up and it was EXTREMELY important to me that our DJ not have a heavy accent since he will be our MC as well! Paco (Francisco) doesnt have a heavy accent and most importantly he pronouced my name right!!! yaay!


                      We also hired a guitarist my honey and I went back and forth on this cause he originally wanted Mariachi's but I thought the spanish guitarist would be so soothing, romantic and really be perfect for dinner hour instead of an over bearing Mariachi that wouldn't let you hear any conversations! (just my opinion) So anyhow our guitarist is Sotomayor! Amazing talent he has performed for many celebrities and the president of Mexico as well!



                      So exciting im so looking forward to it all!! Oh and I also just got my proofs to my invitations~


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