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A Message to my Invited Guests

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well said..

Originally Posted by JBean View Post

Ladies - I never knew how stressful a destination wedding could be, or all the things you would learn about people in the process. I'm afraid this whole experience has left a bad taste in my mouth. We knew not a lot of people would be able to come to Mexico, and that was fine.  I was handling it all quite well, until yesterday, when 3 people (including a bridesmaid!) bailed on the wedding, a mere 50 days out. A bride can only take so much!


I need to vent so I'm saying all the things you can't say, and I'm saying them here so that I don't make some regrettable phone calls the next time I've had a few bevies. 


1) It's not the fact that you're not coming that is bothersome, it's the way you go (or don't go) about it. Why wait until the LAST MINUTE to RSVP? If you know you're not coming, why not pop the little card in the mail? Huh? But at least you people RSVP'd at all! Which leads me to...


2) LEARN how to RSVP people - is this a lost art? Has respect gone out the window? WE INCLUDED THE STAMP AND sent out reminder emails - it's not that difficult!! And frankly, it's inconsiderate and RUDE.


3) For those of you (especially close family members) that said to our faces that you would "definitely be there", and loved to talk about how much fun it was going to be, and THEN miss the RSVP deadline AND don't end up booking - Seriously???


4) To all the people who use money as an excuse for not coming - You all had over a year and half to plan and save for this wedding. If you REALLY wanted to be there, MOST of you could have made it happen. At least lie and say you can't get the time off - that's a bit easier to swallow. 


5) To my eldest (yet seemingly youngest) brother - don't pin your inability to come to the wedding and financial issues on your baby daughter, and then post pics of your new motorbike on Facebook. Also, when our other brother (who IS coming) offers to share a room with you to cut costs, don't say "I'd rather have a room to myself" and then tell me the trip is cost prohibitive.


6) To my fiance's family, of which barely anyone is coming or even bothered to RSVP - I wish I had more reasons to be excited about becoming a part of this family. Your welcome was about as warm as a block of ice.


7) To my bridesmaid, who waited until yesterday (6 weeks out) to cancel - see #4. Waiting this long to cancel, unfortunately, will hurt our friendship. I have your dress, BM gift and flowers sitting here, reminding me that one of my longest, closest friends, who swore she'd be there - will not be.


8) Finally, to those of you who *gasp* RSVP'd ON TIME (and some of you more than once, just to be sure we got it), whether you're coming to the wedding or not - THANK YOU! 


It's taking every ounce of strength I have not to post this on Facebook. 




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I have not gotten as far as sending out std or invites yet but i am sure that once i do this will happen to me too. I am especially thinking about one bridesmaid of mine who always has something going on that interrupts her life.

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