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Beach Palace Cancun Brides

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#191 NeeNeeLeake

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    Posted 13 June 2012 - 09:50 AM

    Originally Posted by LPerry 


    How much were the lilies? It was $60 for three single roses at the resort. I almost lost my lunch when Janessa sent me that.

    She quoted me $60 as well...so i opted to bring a fake flower and lay it in front of a framed picture of my mom and to do the same for his dad. I'm not payig $60 for two flowers.

    #192 kdkotyla619

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      Posted 13 June 2012 - 11:18 AM

      Originally Posted by KristieT 



      I will be there May 11-18 so looks like we might see eachother around.

      The sun sets at approx 7:20 - are you planning of doing "first look" photos? Or do you think there will be enough time after the ceremony? Have you choosen your photographer yet?

      Were going to do photos before the ceremony just us. We havent picked a photograper yet. Well use someone from the package, but a friend who is a photographer is coming so well be counting on her mostly. We havent done much with janessa yet. We just booked out stay so the wedding is reserved and so we have our booking number. We want to go with the pure but havent actually booked it yet.

      #193 BchPlc622012

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        Posted 14 June 2012 - 07:54 AM

        Hey evereyone!


        I'm new to this site.  I just created my account today.  I just had my wedding at the Beach Palace resort in Cancun.  I hope to get all my pictures uploaded soon.  I am happy to answer any questions about anyones potential or upcoming wedding there.

        #194 BchPlc622012

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          Posted 14 June 2012 - 07:58 AM

          Hey everyone!


          I'm new to this site.  I just set up my account today.  I just got back from our wedding at the Beach Palace resort in Cancun.  I hope to have pictures uploaded soon.  If you have any questions I would be happy to help!

          #195 Renewing32

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            Posted 14 June 2012 - 10:01 AM

            Hey everyone! I'm new to this site.  I just set up my account today.  I just got back from our wedding at the Beach Palace resort in Cancun.  I hope to have pictures uploaded soon.  If you have any questions I would be happy to help!

            Welcome, Congrats and thanks for offering your help. I'm sure you can answer a lot of our questions.
            Just as stir crazy as my first wedding!

            #196 NeeNeeLeake

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              Posted 14 June 2012 - 10:12 AM

              @BchPlc622012 Congrats and welcome! We're excited to see pictures

              #197 Kabby25

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                Posted 14 June 2012 - 10:38 AM

                WELCOME HOME & CONGRATS! I'm very interested to see pics, read about your experience and if you have any advice/tips for managing this process. 


                Congratulations again!

                #198 nadine harrison

                nadine harrison
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                  Posted 14 June 2012 - 11:08 AM



                  Thank you for the information regarding the hair and make up at BP :) I read elesewhere about there being a MAC shop in the shopping centre down the road from the resort. The woman who works there is apparantly amazing at hair and make up, I have emailed but no reply. Anyone used them previously?

                  #199 BchPlc622012

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                    Posted 14 June 2012 - 05:52 PM

                    Hey everyone,


                    I will try to upload my pictures by the weekend.  Our professional pictures came in this week!


                    I do want to share my wedding experience at the Beach Palace resort.  I started researching resorts in Cancun back in July of last year right after I got engaged in Cancun. I used Majestic World Vacations out of Chicago who specialize in Palace resort weddings.  I lucked out with my travel agent because she was really Type A personality :-) plus she was FREE.  She would call me on the weekends and at night which I thought was great.  If anyone wants her name email me.  Anyway, I guess there have been a lot of changes going on with Miami handling the weddings and it made things more complicated when we were down there but it all worked out in the end.  


                    We got the diamond package wedding for $2375 and applied our resort credit of $1500 towards the package so initially with our contract we paid $875 for the wedding package plus the $300 for government fees and blood test etc.  That was all paid for before we went down.  Also, non of my guests, nor us, had to pay the 11% tax on the resort credit we used (this was a recent change they added).  We booked over 30 total room nights so we were able to get the FREE cocktail function and 2 free nights (we stayed 8 nights - Memorial Day through the following Tue.).  Using the travel agent we had to pay a down payment to hold at least 10 rooms (down payment was $500) and as our guests reserved their rooms with our travel agent she applied the $500 towards our own room rate (she gave us an ocean room rate of $389 for double occupancy) so we paid that for 6 nights so it came out to be like $1800-$200 for us to stay 8 nights with the 2 nights for free and $500 credit back.  Hope that makes sense.


                    Once we got to the resort we were a little disappointed because they told us our room was on 1st floor and right by the elevator.  We called our travel agent immediately and got moved to 5th floor still right off the elevator but it wasn't all too bad. The view was high enough you didn't see the big screen.  You just can't see the people laying out on the beach.  The screen perfectly blocks that.  Right away that first day we met with our wedding coordinator Mario, our photographer Adriana from Smile Market, and Lily from Zuniga.  We had done lots of research before hand which helped us save time when we were there.  Luckily, since we came in on a Monday and the wedding wasn't until Saturday we had time to make changes.  Lily from Zuniga was awesome to work with she new exactly what I wanted for decor.  We spent $1194 on private function decorations and upgrades for the Diamond package (chandalier, diamond curtains, fabrics).  I thought it looked really nice especially our table setting at our private function.  I will post pictures of it so you can see.  We upgraded our photography to the classic package $695 and did the before and after shots $595.  I wanted the photographer to just use the time doing the "before" ceremony photos (1 hour) as we were getting ready and use the 2 hours in the classic to do all the "after" photos on the beach and private function after the ceremony.  They were able to do that.  Prior to coming to Cancun my travel agent put me in contact with Clarissa, the spa/salon manager, she was able to book our hair/make-up appointments ahead of time.  However, to be quite honest, I had my trial and wasn't really feeling what the stylist did.  She did use MAC make up which was good but I brought in false eyelashes and when we put them on they were a bit too much and so she offered to cut them and basically jacked them up so bad I couldn't wear them so I had to ask my bridesmaid to bring another set down.  Also, she had my hair in an updo that was nice.  I was indecisive about my hair being up or down so that probably didn't help but I didn't like the styles on me.  I wanted more modern waves with the rod iron instead of a curling iron.  They don't have rod irons to wave hair down there.  Luckily I brought my own.   Also, they don't have Shellack nail polish if you are wondering.  I ended up making the decision to do my own hair and make-up.  It was a risk but I saved money and I think it looked good if not better.  However my sister got her hair done by a woman named Raquel and hers turned out cute.  Could be all in who you get and what you like.  I just made sure to book my reservation have my trial early enough so I could back out if I didn't like it,  you get a 24-48 hour notice to cancel.  


                    While all this was going on we found out our guests rooms were all over the place so our travel agent told us to speak to Carlos, the front desk manager, and he was SO nice.  He moved all our guests rooms on the 5th floor with us and really took the time to make us happy.  Kudos to Carlos!  Also, our wedding coordinator was Mario.  He was nice but he always reminded us right away when we saw him he had another wedding to be at (almost in a way to make us feel like we were on a time clock with him).  We didn't like that.  I know he was really busy and stressed with a ton of weddings.  Otherwise, he was alright to work with but again we had done our research so knew what we wanted for someone else you might want someone that takes more time with you.  


                    We really lucked out with the weather.  On Tues. we met with Mario and he's all like "we need to talk about plan b for rainy weather."  He had me convinced it was going to rain for our ceremony and I had to mentally prepare myself for an indoor wedding so I wouldn't become depressed.  Apparently, there was some storm system coming in.  It poured the Friday night before for our cocktail function which they moved across to the ballroom.  It wasn't so bad having it indoors.  The ceremony day I was SO nervous about the weather because as you know one hour it could be completely sunny and the next hour rain.  There was a 30% chance of rain at 6 PM and 60% at 3 PM before.  It got really cloudy at 3 PM and then suddenly it became blue sky and beautiful.  We even had the moon!  I was so happy.  I would suggest trying to figure out the forecast and moving your wedding if you have the option especially if there is a higher percentage of rain during the hour of your ceremony.  The other thing I wish would have been different and this is just personal is having our ceremony during the day so the sun is hitting the ocean and reflecting the green colors of the ocean.  I initially fell in love with the sky terrace because I saw photos with the pretty blues and greens. Since our wedding was sunset 6 PM it was mostly blue ocean no greens.  Honestly, I don't think I or our wedding party would have been able to handle that heat during the day and I knew my hair and make up would be a mess so 6 PM was still hot but not as brutal.  We have some beautiful pictures.  Can't wait to show.  


                    If any of you guys have more specific questions let me know!   

                    #200 KristieT

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                      Posted 14 June 2012 - 06:06 PM

                      First of all CONGRATS!!!!


                      And thank you so much for the review very helpful! There doesnt seem to be much action on the Beach Palace Threads these days.


                      If you dont mind me asking how much did you spend on your decor for the reception and where did you have it? I am trying to budget accordinly... And this is the one area I really have no clue about. 


                      If you could do everything over again is there anything you would do or not do?


                      I am very excited to see your pictures!



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