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Originally Posted by Chacie B View Post


Hi Everyone,


My name is Stacie and Iâ€m getting married at Beach Palace Cancun on August 10, 2013. I am likely the 1,000th Beach Palace bride asking the same questions as the previous 999 Beach Palace brides :). Any help/answers/tips/advice is greatly appreciated!!!


Some of my details:


  • Second wedding for us both
  • Target guest count is 30 (so we can have a reception)
  • Still debating on Complimentary Collection vs. Pearl Shimmer
  • I like the Photography Package A, but weâ€re thinking of upgrading to the Deluxe so we can get coverage before the ceremony and at the reception +  the CD w/images
  • Still debating on the DJ; go with resort offered DJ or bring an iPod and let our friend (who is a DJ) work the mic
  • Anyone know what kind of special rates are offered to the B&G for their actual stay (not the site visit)?

Hi Chacie B


To help you visulize the Pearl Shimmer Decor that Beach Palace has we have attached a few photos from a recent wedding on the Sky Terrace !


Hope it helps.














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Originally Posted by Chacie B View Post


Has anyone used the following and what are your thoughts:


  • Soloist/violinist; do you just get one violinist, is it loud enough to hear when youâ€re walking down the aisle?
  • Fireworks after the ceremony

We had the fireworks after the ceremony (at the kiss actually), and I loved them.  But they did burn us!  We were standing behind the table, and maybe we were supposed to be in front of it, but there was a gust of wind and sparks were flying.  All of my bridesmaids has umbrellas to shield them, but I had little burn marks all down my veil and dress.  It made for a good story and was entertaining for our guests watching from home as they could see us squirming.  So it was worth it but just be aware to ask if you should be in front of the table when they go off.

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Originally Posted by JKWedding2012 View Post


I put some pictures up on my profile :)


You can also check them out at jamesandkalie.mattkennedy.ca 

WOW, your pictures are stunning! They were so creative! I bet you're so pleased. Congrats to both you and your new hubby :-)


I have a couple questions for you...


1) Who was your photographer? I am in love with your photos.

2) My bridesmaid dresses are almost the exact same color as your bridesmaids (royal purple). Did you purchase bridesmaid flowers at the hotel for your bridesmaids? I love the mix of pinks and purples in your bridesmaid bouquets. I was thinking of buying silk flowers for my bridesmaids and bringing them down to Mexico with me. Beach Palace wants to charge an arm and a leg for maid of honor bouquets, etc...so I was just wondering what you did here?

3) Did you receive the wedding benefits? Free reception, cocktail hour, etc...? If not, how much did it cost you for the reception?

4) Did you use Zuniga for reception decor? I have contacted them to do floating candles in the pool, lights under the tables, etc, so I was just wondering what you used?

5) What is the name of the terrace where you had the reception? I want my reception at this rooftop pool as well.

6) Did you have a DJ, or did you just do the ipod and speakers through PSAV?


Thanks so much! Congrats again. It looks as though everything turned out perfect :-)


- Nicole

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