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Here is the link to my sneak peek gallery!!!


My professional pics won't be ready for 6 weeks, so most of these are guests iPhone photos, so sorry for the poor quality! Hope you all enjoy :)

Thanks so much for sharing! You looked beautiful and your day looked amazing. I'll probably inbox you a few questions here or FB, I have about your vendors and decor.

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Here is the link to my sneak peek gallery!!!


My professional pics won't be ready for 6 weeks, so most of these are guests iPhone photos, so sorry for the poor quality! Hope you all enjoy :)



Wow  you looked gorgeous!  The details are beautiful too.  I can't wait to read your review.  I do have a few questions:


- Where did you get the sparklers?

- Where did you get the chargers?

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thank you!!! @@Naturalbeauti30 & @@newlyengaged13


sparklers I got from the resort, the tags I got from etsy.


I tried to buy sparklers and bring them with me, but apparently you can not fly with them! I couldn't find sparklers at the walmart in cancun and could not locate the party store I've heard past brides speak of (maybe it closed?) so I just bought them from the resort for $5 each

I brought this awesome tin bucket from homegoods and filled it with sand and stuck the sparklers in it :)

We used them for our intro & first dance :wub:


The chargers were rented from Planner1. I saw them on Style Me Pretty and had to have them! Planner1 had them, Zuniga did not. All the guests loved the chargers, I got a lot of compliments on them! Let me know if anyone wants my girls info at Planner1, she was amazing.


I am probably not going to get to my reviews this week, as I am throwing my sister in laws bachelorette party this weekend, busy busy! But send me questions and I will do my best to answer until I can get to my reviews!


What I can tell everyone is don't get overly stressed if your WC is slow to respond. Once you get on site, your onsite wedding coordinator and the BP staff are amazing! They will take such good care of you!

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Gorgeous! I'm actually down here for my site visit and saw you the day after your wedding-congrats! Where are your maracas from and did you paint them? Is planner1 a palace vendor? If so, can I have the contact info? Thanks!

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Help!!! Past brides who have done a TTD session...

Can you identify this cenote?


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Oh so fun! I hope you are having a great visit! The weather was just AMAZING when we were there. I wish I was still there! :(


I got the maracas from Etsy



Cladia has a bunch of different designs. I picked the one I liked best, then let her know what colors I wanted. My recommendation would be to order these EARLY. I ordered December 1st for my march 8th wedding and they seriously came 2 days before we left, and I was like, stalking her, b/c they were promised to me by Feb 1st. I also needed 77, so I understand that was a lot. In hind site I probably could have bought plain maracas and painted them myself, but I was doing so many other things myself, I just bought them. I would recommend getting a few extra as 2 got chipped when she shipped them to me, and I had only bought the exact # I needed. None got damaged transporting them to Mexico, but I did a really good job of bubble wrapping them, which was time consuming. I also packed them all up in a trunk that we checked so they were well protected.

The design I got was $5 a maraca, but she does make some less complicated designs that are less expensive. This might seem expensive, however, when I got to Mexico, I noticed maracas down there were $5-6 and they weren't even custom! That made me feel better. We used the maracas as our place cards & they were also the guests favors. They were a HUGE hit!


I will be sure to include all the links to everything- trunk included- when I finally get around to my planning thread!


Planner1 is NOT a palace vendor. However their prices were pretty much the same as Zuniga, and the quality and selection of their rental items was a lot better. They worked with me and gave me a 10% discount to help offset the outside vendor fee.

I was a little anxious about using Zuniga after reading reviews from other brides. I decided if I was going to spend money on rentals, everything better be perfect and exactly as I wanted it. Had I spent the money and it not been what I wanted, or lights were out, quality poor etc. I would have been really upset. I bit the bullet at the last minute and hired Planner1 and it was an EXCELLENT decision. They were WONDERFUL to work with and executed everything perfectly! They also do flowers, so you could use them flowers and may only have to pay 1 vendor fee.

You can see some weddings they have done by going on my photographers website.


Planner1 is also on facebook and you can see a lot of their events there. I originally went to them for the café lighting, as they were the only company in the area that seemed to have done those lights before, and I desperately wanted them! I ended up getting my tables, chairs, chargers, lights and lounge furniture from them.


My contact is Arianna. She was amazing and adorable! If we lived in the same place, we would be friends for sure :)

She fell down the steps and broke her ankle 3 days before our wedding, and she was still there on her crutches making everything perfect on our wedding day. She was such a doll!


Tell her Lindsey sent you!

I know my WC enjoyed working with them and was going to pass their info along to his boss, so maybe they will become an approved Palace Vendor! When is your wedding?

sorry her email is


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Hi ladies, I just finished my DIY placecards and thought I would share :)

I purchased the starfish charms in bulk on Etsy and the rest of the supplies at Michaels.  SO happy with how they turned out.

Total cost for all the supplies needed was about $15! :)


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Hi ShellLen,


I am a UK bride and we are getting married 90 days today at the BP! How exciting.


From experience, you can't book the venue more than a year in advance (we signed our contract a year to the day) and you can't guarantee any in resort venues until about 3 months before (we only got the sky terrace confirmed this week - I had the exact same fear as you with swimsuit crowds!).


We booked through a weddings abroad website but TBH they have been zero help. We found the guest rates cheaper elsewhere (by a couple hundred pounds pp) but they refused to match the price. So all of our guests have booked separately. We have 36 adults and 3 children coming so fingers crossed it'll be a great party!


If I can be any help, give me a shout




Hi YossiMeyer,


Thank you so much for replying and apologies for the delay- i have been away.


Not long for you now- so exciting!!


I did think about getting in touch with a weddings abroad site but wondered if they would be much help, the only reason i considered it was to give someone else the stress of chasing the wedding coordinators etc.


If you have any documents you have received from BP that you wouldnt mind sending to me that would be fantastic!




Would any of the ladies on here re-consider having their wedding at Beach Palace due to the terrible communication response times from the coordinators and the stress involved?


I might be in a fantasy land but i would like to enjoy the whole wedding planning experience rather than getting to the big day and being so stressed im glad for it to be over!


Many thanks xx

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