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EDub007's Royal Playa Del Carmen Wedding Review

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    Posted 20 September 2011 - 12:22 PM

    Reception Menu:

    Avocado stuffed with crab pulp au fresh dill vinaigrette

    This was okay.. some guests liked it, others barely touched it.


    Beef fillet tournedo with fresh wild mushrooms sauce

    Delicious! Lots of compliments on this.MainCourse.jpg

    Cannoli trio stuffed with praline & raspberry coulis

    Also delicious with lots of comliments!


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      Posted 20 September 2011 - 12:35 PM


      I went with Tres Leches as I’ve heard amazing things about it. Unfortunately, I never got to try more than a bite of our wedding cake! The only taste I had was when we cut the cake. I was so full after dinner, I didn't bother to have a piece since I knew it would it be delivered to our room that night. Unfortunately, it never made it and the resort only apologized telling us it was delivered to the wrong room. A few days before, we'd had someone else's cake delivered to our room. We called the front desk and told them it wasn't ours, but it was never picked up. The only thing I can think of is that we had originally booked a different room on-line (if you're not familiar, you can book your rooms ahead of time on-line for smoother check-in). Unfortunately when we arrived, we were told the room we booked was not available and we had to move. Bummer! In the end, we think the couple in our original room got our cake and we got their cake - but who knows for sure.

      Becuase we had booked an expensive room, we got the free wedding package which included one of four cakes styles to choose from. Per advice on this site, I suck with one of those rather than paying a few hundred for an upgrade and that ended up being the right choice. We had soooo much cake left - only 1/5 probably got eaten.


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        Posted 20 September 2011 - 01:11 PM

        Trash the Dress:

        I forgot to mention that my TTD session was in Tulum the morning after our wedding. We rented a car from the resort and drove there with our photographers around 9am. I just pinned my hair up with the curls left from the day before and wore some waterproof makeup. My husband wore linen pants and a shirt. I put my dress is the jacuzzi tub when we returned and ran the jets. This took all of the sand out of the dress. I hung it to dry in the bathroom and left the maid a $20 for having to clean the sand out of the tub! When I got home, I turned the dress inside out and put it in the front-load washer on delicate. You'd never know it was treated so poorly as it looks amazing!

        Originally, we were going to take photos in the Mayan ruins, but we found out it is prohibited to take wedding photos there without a special permit that you have to get in Cancun. We drove a little ways past the ruin entrance and took the photos in the ocean behind the rocks and cliffs that backed to the ruins. Still beautiful!

        BTW - Everyone asks if the sailboat below is real, and yes it is!



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          Posted 20 September 2011 - 01:38 PM

          Central Beach is located just across the pool bridge at the ocean in between the Gazebo beach and Pelicanos beach. To get to the beach from my room, we had to walk past one wedding at the Gazebo (while the ceremony as happening!), then along the pool. We had lots of people yelling at us ranging from 'Don't do it! It's not too late!' to 'You look amazing!'. My wedding party and myself were standing right at the end of the bridge in the picture below while we waited. My pictures of us walking in included lots of people in swimsuits watching the wedding from and near the pool, in cabanas, and the beach. It wasn't terrible, but I noticed it more than I expected.

          Pool to Central Beach.jpgEntrance2.jpgEntrance1.jpgCeremonyWatchers.jpg

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