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Iâ€ve ordered by wedding dress from inweddingdress.com in August and generally would receive it by the early of Sep. Iâ€ve also ordered a petticoat and a veil for my wedding dress. Before receiving my wedding dress; I am a little more nervous. Whether it is going to be fantastic or not, just like what I saw the picture on website. With the price it was very reasonable. Iâ€ve received the dress from inweddingdress.com after ordering 25 days. Nervously I opened up the black package and took the dress out. It was good and seemed well-done.


There are a little details of my dress. I think it is about 90% of the original pictures. It was beautiful and just like I imagined it to be. Iâ€ve ordered a customized service so that the main part of the dress would be my specified waist and train. I think they made my dress great as my measurements. I made a requirement on shorting my train compare to the picture. Inweddingdress.com used the real taffeta for the dress so that it turned out gorgeous. I do love the waistline and the train, which fits me perfectly. But the rhinestones on the side is not exact the same as the photo! But it is all right I could accept it. The petticoat is not too bad, they recommend me to order the petticoat and they say it could be nice for my dress. Yes, I should say they did a wonderful work. The dress looked and felt like it was made just for me. I am so excited about putting it on during my reception. I think every bride definitely know what material she expects to feel, what style she wants to wear, even what the way the dress should move.


Yes, I believe that you won't be disappointed with the outcome. It comes with excellent quality and reasonable price.


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