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paradisus varadero resort & spa

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Don't worry about the time.  I would do it sooner, if I thought all my family and friends could save up that fast, but I'm just trying to give them 1 year notice to make it easier.


I did find better rates for Dec, $1700 taxes in, with a direct flight, so we are going with that.


I never did get in touch with the resort photographer, thanks for reminding me!  I had already resigned myself to bringing a photographer, and we have a fairly large budget for that because it's important to us, but you're right, if the resort photog is ok, then why spend the extra money.


I am kinda glad you are going so soon because I can't wait to hear your feedback! (And hopefully see your photos!!)

I'm going to email fotosolmeliacuba@hotmail.com and see what I get. I'll let you know.



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Well, less than 10 months to go for me! So far I've made quite a bit of leeway on the planning!


I have already hired my photographer (s), I'm bringing 2 from Canada.  This is a splurge, but we want it to be amazing, and we're going to do a

Trash the dress day in Havana or Varadero so we're getting alot from him.


I've bought my dress, waiting for it to come in...Love it!!


I've picked the bridesmaid dresses, but we're going to make them, so that is something I'll have to practice and then perfect!  They are going to be those Multi-wrap dresses - this is my inspiration - www.twobirdsbridesmaid.ca


I'm ordering my flowers from bloom bridal because I've heard too many things about the flowers in Cuba not being guaranteed and I don't want to sacrifice, so I'm getting Real Touch ones. www.bloombridal.ca


We have 39 guests and counting for the wedding, Josh and I are very surprised about that, considering we still have 10 months to get more ppl.  We are almost thinking that's enough, lets cut it off now!!!


I'm trying to figure out the decor, because I really wanted the Chinese lantern look for our outdoor reception, but I've been advised they have nowhere to hang that, so now I'm thinking helium filled balloons.   I told this to me FI but he said how are you going to fill them, and I said I would bring a helium tank.....apparently that's a no-no on an airplane!  So I'm back at square one!  I want something compact but definitely my own..so I have to find out if the resort has helium, they might since they have the kids club, so I'll wait and see!


How are you guys doing with planning, anything new, any idea's??


Are you having private outdoor receptions or going with the A La Carte reception dinner?


Can't wait to hear from some fellow Paradisus Varadero Brides :)


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Hey Julianna ... Did you have your wedding at the Paradisus Varadero in Jan this year? what was it like? what was the hotel like? which wedding package did you choose?


hope it was the best day ever! 



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im looking at getting married at the Paradisus Varadero in april 2014, i was just wondering if anyone knows of any good wedding packages, or travel companies to book with.

any info will be much appreciated.


many thanks 


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