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DIY Spanish Phrases for OOT bags

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My wedding is taking place in Cabo San Lucas, MX next month. Although, me and my family speak spanish fluently, many of my wedding guests do not. I really wanted to include "spanish phrases for dummies" pocketbook edition in our OOT bags, but as I'm sure many of you can relate to, this wedding budget means cutting back on certain things.  I decided I wanted to try and make my own spanish phrases cards- just on colored cardstock to maybe include some basic everyday phrases and then some funny ones like " may I have another tequila" or "what's your room number", etc.  Is this a silly idea????


Has anyone else ever done this? And if so, what types of phrases did you use? Need ideas.... Please help..

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I think that your guests will find the phrases very helpful. And including some cute/funny ones will make it fun! Here are some suggestions for the useful words/phrases other than the typical stuff (hello, where is the..., please, thank you, how are you, etc).


Numbers: When I went to Brazil, I purchased one of the phrase books that you mentioned. My husband (at that time he was my BF though) took it upon himself to learn numbers in Portuguese. I teased him about it, but the numbers turned out to be the most useful part of our limited Portuguese vocabulary! Prices, room numbers, quantities, phone numbers, addresses, times... we constantly needed to communicate numbers.


Foods: I have many friends who are vegetarians, a cousin with several food allergies, and a number of relatives with diabetes. I am sure people with specific dietary needs as well as those without would like to know how to say certain foods or types of food. So perhaps words like meat, nuts, shrimp, sugar, etc.


False cognates: "Embarasada" is always my favorite Spanish false cognate! I am sure you can find other (more useful) ones on the internet (or even some other funny ones).

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