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Pachelbel's Cannon raggae, how to word in program

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Hi fellow brides. I am trying to put my programs together and I have a question. We are having a steel pan player for the ceremony and cocktail hour on the beach.


The bridal processional song is Pachelbel's Canon by Johann Pachelbel, but it's raggae style wherein lies the problem. How do I word this in my program.


I've seen it called Pachelbel's Raggae Canon and Pacelbel's Canon Raggae style, Pachelbel's Cannon Raggae, etc. Obviously the song is Pachelbel's Canon or Canon in D.


"Pachelbel's Canon" (Raggae)..............Johann Pachelbel

"Pachelbel's Raggae Canon".................Johann Pachelbel

"Pacelebel's Canon in D" (Raggae)......Johann Pachelbel


Please help, I'm so confused

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