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Win a Free Engagement Shoot in New York, by Gonzalo Nunez

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    Posted 14 September 2011 - 03:41 PM

    Thank you Vane for your love story!!!


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      Posted 15 September 2011 - 04:40 AM

      Ellen and Alan: The Boy and Girl Next Door


      It was bitter cold, yet despite the temperature, we both moved into a new apartment building during the month of November. He moved to the bottom floor and I to the top.  We were both among the newest residents in the building, yet it would be almost exactly one whole year to the date before we would actually meet, cross paths, and begin our journey of life and love together.


      The following November, I had suffered a foot injury and was relegated to walking on crutches. Dressed in jogging clothes and a huge thick sock on my foot, I’d managed to make it to the lobby door of the apartment…when Alan ran to the door and opened it for me.  I immediately said thank you, put my head down and scurried inside. How embarrassing, I thought to myself! Out of all the times to meet a cute guy in my building and I had to be at my worst. Sloppy, awkward, AND on crutches …think Ugly Betty J


      Then things got weird. After never seeing him at all in 12 months, we began to run into each other at least three to four times a week, mostly on the elevator.  Each time, Alan showed genuine concern and would always ask, “How’s your foot coming along?”  I’d quickly respond that it was fine and at the same time sneak a glimpse of his face. A little more each time and each time I thought to myself, “Hmmm he’s really cute!”


      By the umpteenth time of him asking the same question, “How’s your foot coming along,” I decided I should take the initiative and move our Q&A beyond my foot. It was the BEST decision I could have ever made. It prompted him to ask for my number, which led to our first date of watching NFL football and eating Chinese food.


      Soon our dates turned into all-day chat fest. Our phone calls/texts turned into marathons. Months passed and things just kept getting better and soon we uttered what we both knew early on…we were in love and destined to spend the rest of our lives together.  We literally fell in the love with the boy/girl next door.

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        Posted 15 September 2011 - 05:24 AM

        Well, I don't know where to start really. We first met in high school in Gr. 11. I had just transferred schools and lived a town over. Steve was one of the first people who came up and talked to me. I suppose I was a little shy at the time and spent my first 2 months at the new school being invisible.  I was the girl who stood alone outside and was found every lunch period in a corner reading. In hind sight, this is why I didn't meet anyone for the first two months. But I managed to intrigue at least one person and years later, it would appear, it was the one person that mattered.


        I would love to say that it was love at first sight and I always knew, but I didn't. We were in high school. We became friends but ran in different circles. He was very popular and sociable and I was... well, a little nerdy frankly. But classes forced us together and somehow we never completely lost touch.


        By the end of Gr. 12, I had a completely different group of friends and so, at the end of the year when prom came around, I took my new boyfriend at the time. Let's just say that was a mistake and my "boyfriend at the time" was a bit of a jerk. He quickly became "my ex" during our prom dinner. A bit of a night-ruiner. I was now stuck involuntarily going stag and my new "ex" took no time to rekindle his romance with HIS ex on the dance floor. It made sense to find a new dance partner for the night. And then there he was. My old friend, Steve, dressed to the nines and looking fabulous. It was easy breaking the ice after so much time, especially since we managed to somehow show up in matching outfits. We danced and spent the evening catching up on old times. I found out he had moved to my town shortly before prom and was living down the street from me now, so we made arrangements to hang out after the long weekend.


        And we did.


        It was not long before we became best friends. Because he was in walking distance, he quickly became my go-to person. It was crazy how well we got along even after losing touch for awhile. The days became weeks and the weeks became months, and by the time the summer was over, I knew I had a very large crush on my new best friend.


        So, after months of agonizing crushing and over-thinking, I finally got the courage to ask him out. I had spent way too many lunch periods stealing glances at him and secretly writing I <3 Steve doodles all over my binders. I told him I realized it may ruin our relationship but I couldn't stand to be his BEST FRIEND anymore. No one wants to be ONE OF THE GUYS (Well, unless you're the girlfriend already). And wouldn't you know it --


        He said no. Turned me down. I was devastated.


        So I decided I would show him I didn't need him and move on. I had a guy I worked with who seemed to like me just fine so I started to date him. It was not very long before Steve must have realized what he was missing out on and one night, while watching "Doing that Thing You Do", told me that he couldn't take it any longer. He didn't want to be my friend anymore. He had been stupid when he turned me down (No really?) He had thought he didn't want a girlfriend, but didn't realize that I wasn't any regular girl, I was going to be THE girl.


        After his profession that night, I broke up with Jay and started dating Steve.


        Though I felt awful at the time for doing it, it's now been 7 years and I have never been more glad that he came to his senses when he did. Usually we are both stubborn as mules, but at the right moment when it mattered, he didn't act too proud to tell me he was an idiot and I was not too proud to admit that all I had wanted all along was my best friend. We now both have our best friend as our soul mate and are excited to experience this crazy ride we call life together.




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          Posted 15 September 2011 - 05:26 AM

          For the Love of the Game


          Let me start off this story by the following disclaimer:  I am not a bride but a groom, and when Jami talks to other people and tells them how I am handling most of the details she says that if there was a groomzilla show that I would be on it. 

          Jami and I were not high school sweethearts, we didn't even know each other or live in the same city.  After I graduated from college I was offered a full time position with John Deere but had to move 2 hours away to the Quad Cities.  I took the job and away I moved to.  John Deere had a softball league for their employees and a few non-employees.  One of the teams we played against had Jami on the team.  We didn't really start up a conversation but you could tell there was a little flirting going on.  Their team ended up beating my team and that was that.  A whole year goes by and it is time for softball season again and about our third game into the season our team is undefeated and we play Jami's team again.  Jami was playing second base and during the game the umpire made a bad call by calling one of our girls out at second base but Jami dropped the ball and our girl was actually safe at second but the umpire somehow didn't see the drop.  Jami's team ends up beating us again because of the bad call.  It was the only game we lost in the league that year.  I also played in another league and I knew that we needed a girl to sub on our team so I asked Jami after the game if she would be interested to sub on our team and she said yes and I gave her my number to call so that I would have her number.  I don’t remember exactly what happened to my phone but I somehow lost Jami's number.  Her coach worked at John Deere so I emailed him and said Hey Jami said she would sub for my other softball team but I lost her number.  He gave it to me and I texted Jami to see if she could still play.  Since she didn't hear from me for so long she made plans to go to Iowa City so she never subbed.  A week or two went by and we were sending texts back and forth.  I finally asked her if she wanted to hang out and she said yes.  We hang out and start to realize we have a lot in common. We both love sports, like the same TV shows, and like the same foods.  The one big difference is that I am a Cincinnati Reds and she is a St. Louis Cardinals fan.  Normally I wouldn't let this slide but thought I found something special ;-).

           I ended up quitting my job at John Deere and get a few offers and end up taking the job in Buffalo, NY.  Jami moves with me and we bought a house together.  We have been in Buffalo now for a year a half and will be getting married May 5,2012 at Now Sapphire.


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            Posted 15 September 2011 - 06:13 AM

            Our love Story...


            I can't tell you how many people told me time and time again...dont look for love it will come to you. I spent countless hours searching local dating sites and going on dates and I just never met anyone that "did it for me". 27 years old I knew that I was done partying and I wanted to settled down and start a family. The bigger issue was finding the right person. I had exhausted myself and finally thought enough....I am done looking! Shortly after, my brother had a happy hour at a local bar. Naturally I would never date any of his friends, but towards the end of the night in walks...a CUTIE!! Totally my type, we locked eyes and as he walked over he says hi to my brother....Ugh! He's one of my brothers friends, there's no way this can work! About a half hour left until the place closed down he comes over and introduces himself and it was like the skys opened up. We spoke for hours! The bus boys and staff were cleaning up around us, hanging up chairs and locked the doors and we were still outside chatting it up. How could this amazing person be a friend of my brothers?!! We have been inseperable since that night. We moved in with each other a few months later, we brought a house a year later and 4 months after the house we got pregnant! Talk about move quickly?! I guess when you know it, you know it...and we knew it =)


            Christmas Eve and 8 months pregnant I am wobbling around the house trying to get ready to go to my moms for dinner and he calls me downstairs. He tells me something is wrong with the Christmas tree and I had to come and fix it, REALLY?! As I approach the tree I see an new ornament hanging from it. It was a personalized ornament of a ring and hand written was, "Will you Marry Me"??? I look even closer and there was a beautiful ring hanging from it!! As emmotional as I was from the pregnancy anyway, I managed to cut back the tears and sniffles and say yes!



            3 years later and we have a beautiful baby boy Kayden, a amazing home, we traveling throughout the carribean, are engaged and plannign a destination wedding! I couldnt be happier! He finishes my thoughts, hes my support system, he makes me laugh and cry and give me butterflies when I see him! We make a great team and I thank god for everything he has blessed me with and continues to bless me with!! ♥


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              Posted 15 September 2011 - 06:54 AM

              Gonzalo in our backyard of NY!!! How nice =D


              Naveed and I first met at a Christmas holiday salsa party. We had great dancing chemistry from the start and I thought he was attractive, but I thought, "I'll let him come to me." Months later I heard he had a big crush on me but it was a year before we went our first date--we had so much fun!! He was so kind and easy going but I was unsure if we had any kind of future together. I always thought I'd end up with a real artsy kind of guy but Naveed was into sports and just out of the military. I thought--he is like a cupcake and I'm like a glass of wine!!! Can we go together??


              BUT, thank my lucky stars, I saw an amazing man in him. I told myself I'm going to really open my heart and give him a chance. I came up with a plan--I'll ask him to perform in a talent show with me. That way I'll have an excuse to spend 4 Sunday afternoons with him dancing salsa in my living room. He was completely on board! I didn't need any more convincing after the 3rd Sunday. By then we had our 1st kiss and I melted. We became boyfriend and girlfriend that night :) Now I have come to see us as Cheese & Wine that goes great together!!!! A year later, becoming engaged felt like the most natural thing in the world. It's amazing to say but I found the kind of love I always dreamed of but was afraid I might never find. So in love and very excited about our upcoming wedding in Riviera Maya, Mexico =}


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                Posted 15 September 2011 - 06:56 AM

                The Laptop--The Love Story of Courtney and Timothy


                We didn't meet through normal means, in fact, I was at a point in my life where I thought all men were stupid  including my ex who I had just run into putting a dark cloud on my day. I just wanted to shop for shoes, travel and work on my graphic designs and logos, maybe get another cat....dooooohhh the dreaded cat lady, but it was where I was at that point in life..... THEN MY LAPTOP CRASHED!  I was devastated, all of my hard work was gone and I didn't know what to do. So I packed up my laptop and brought it back to where I purchased it, Best-Buy. On my way to the store of origin, I received a phone call from my BFF and asked me to come hang out with her on the streets of DC for a night. I informed her that I was on a mission to get my laptop repaired and was Best-Buy bound to which she replied, there is one right in the area of this lounge we should check out, bring it there.  I was leery, but decided, what the heck, I needed a night out and after the day I was having. I found the Best-Buy and went inside to the Geek desk.  There were so man of the same guy, black pants, glasses and well...geekish....then this deep voice behind me said, "may I help you?"  I turned around to the biggest chestnut brownish eyes I'd ever seen. He was gorgeous....total 10!..But too cute....and as I assumed correctly...arrogant.  After  precious minutes of useless flirting and conversation about work and himself he took my laptop and booked it, informed me that it would probably take 6 weeks to repair, I snatched it back.  Informed him that was too long and I needed it asap!  He then came from behind the counter and tried to turn on this swagger appeal which did nothing for me...Remember,Shoes,  Cat, Travel, Work...no stupid men!  But he smelled and looked so good....and he knew it.  Stated that if I gave him my phone number, he could see what he could do about getting it fixed for me but I had to give him my number. I then said, won't you get in trouble for taking business away from the company you work for.  He said, its OK, I'll make an exception for you.  I still wasn't sold and started to walk away and then he grabbed my hand....some nerve right!?  He asked me to just take his number down and give him a call because ---and I'm not kidding because this was the lamest thing I had ever heard..., he stated "How I'm feeling right now at this moment, love at first sight must be real."  I rolled my eyes and replied that I knew game when I heard it, and his was very weak and its a trait that I abhor plus I only needed my laptop fixed and I wouldn't need to contact him for anything else.  He begged again to just give him a try, he promised to be a different kind of guy--literally, this guy didn't know how to talk without rhyming.  I knew that nothing that fine and smelling that great could be a decent guy.  He had to be a player, women were checking him out and cutting their eyes at me for daring to have his attention. I took it anyway and saved it in my phone as BEST-BUY JERK but only because he was staring at me to make sure I saved it. Then he asked if I wanted to know his name, I said, it's on your name tag but I'm fine with not knowing it.  He smiled and said I was so hard mean and cold, what if we were meant to be, I replied that I'm only mean because his eyes are on everything but my laptop and face. I rolled my eyes again and said....WE AREN'T GOSH--but I laughed at the same time! Boy oh BOY his smile!  Thought I was in trouble at that point...  Then he asked, what's your name ? I replied, if it was meant for you to know it, you would know it by now and as someone called his attention, I made my escape as I was already running late to meet my friend, but I wondered if I should go back but eventually changed my mind


                So Saturday morning came, and I found myself at the library using the Internet to find someone to repair a laptop on craigslist.  Found a couple hits and then someone who seemed to have a great price and knew what he was talking about plus he promised he could recover my hard drive for free.  Only catch, I had to come to his house as he worked out of his basement with his friend, they have a computer repair business.  I immediately decided that I didn't feel like being murdered and declined to meet him but instead told the guy that I would be in touch. I never did.  Some months went on and I eventually purchased another laptop, started my designs back up.  One evening, I was at home, with my cat no less, on a Saturday and very bored.  I found myself on pogo.com and started playing monopoly. I love monopoly as no one has even beaten me...until this night.  Some cocky jerk was playing and talking a lot of trash about how he was the best and unfortunately, he cleaned us all out...I was livid!  He also flirted with me when I said that I needed to play him again because that didn't count and we eventually started talking in a private chat while playing monopoly in a private room....that's about as private as it went however.  We exchanged location information and found out we lived within 30 minutes of each other. I was in Manassas, VA and he was in Alexandria.  He wanted to meet up and exchange numbers but I declined and stated that keeping this on line was as far as I was willing to go.  He asked for a picture, I declined that too and didn't want any of his either but he sent it anyway, so I deleted it without looking at it. (Most guys that willingly send pictures always send a pic of something other than their face.)  He asked what I was so afraid of and I simply replied that I just didn't feel safe going beyond monopoly with anyone I've met on line.  He toned down the arrogance and actually respected my decision.  I logged off without saying good bye and went to check my email. I had one with a rather long subject- YOU DON'T KNOW ME BUT DO YOU STILL NEED YOUR LAPTOP REPAIRED?!?!  I was shocked and confused but opened up the email.  It was the friend of the guy who wanted me to possibly become a murder victim by coming to their house to have my 1st laptop repaired, he and his friend had parted ways and he found my information in the email account they were using and wanted to follow up.  I informed him that I went ahead and purchased another laptop and ironically, a conversation sparked.  He went on to talk about the business being slow and we even talked about how dating in this area was so hard.  He asked for my number and I declined....I don't trust Internet people! So we talked about my ex instead and his ex and dogs, cats, weather and such and since he had my email address....he ended up emailing me everyday. Every morning, I had an email when I got to work, he always seemed to be one step ahead of me, got to work before I did, went home before I did, finished my thoughts before I could write them. We liked a lot of the same things, mostly geek stuff ironically.  And eventually, we discovered, we both loved Monopoly.  I of course swore I could kick his butt in Monopoly, anytime, anywhere.  Besides, there couldn't be more than one arrogant jerk in this area that played on line.  He dared me and told me to go to pogo.com and create an account...I already had one I stated.  He asked me for my screen name and I told him and he replied "LOL...OH REALLY?"  I got a message from the jerk that had already beaten me and we laughed about it. What a small world.  He said something familiar, that it was meant to be, you and me.  I said....do you always rhyme...its pretty pathetic.  Life is not child's play or a nursery.  He "lol-ed" and asked for my number so he could call.  After all, I was the one he was emailing every morning and couldn't wait  for me to get to work to get my response.  I STILL declined. He may be crazy, or a stalker, I was thinking.  But I caved and said, well give me yours.  I wrote it on a post it by my desk....didn't call.  So 2 weeks had passed, he emailed like crazy but I felt it was getting too weird and I needed to break it off before I turn up dead somewhere in the Potomac.  And while I had some downtime, I logged onto pogo...and he was on line.  Boy did he lay into me, confirming my suspicions that he was crazy.  But he swore he just wanted to get to know me better and after spending so much time on line, playing games and talking, I should let my guard down a little bit and after all, just calling won't be any worse than emailing.  I agreed and asked for his number again.  I went to save it in my phone and got an overwrite error...Would you like to Save over BEST-BUY Jerk! 


                We laughed about that and I couldn't believe how much of a perfect match he is to me. He's everything I'm not and the night to my day.  I couldn't have asked for much more.  That was 2 years ago and were getting married May 12, 2012 in Cancun.  A diamond ring and he even fixed my old laptop.

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                  Posted 15 September 2011 - 10:01 AM






                  christie & lee's engagement 051.jpg


                  Jason and I met in August 2006 at a mutual friend's engagement party.  We went to the same high school, and had many friends in common, but We had somehow never met before, but we started talking that night and instantly clicked! The photo above was taken from that very night as he was showing me all the features on how to use my brand new camera (all his years working at Best Buy came to good use)!  We became friends for quite some time, although I was interested in being more than just friends, but since I didn't think he was, I would never admit to it.  About a year and a half later, when Jay went on a trip to Vegas, he found himself missing me and wishing I was there, and realized this was much more than what he had originally thought.  On May 28, 2008 we started officially dating, we moved in together in July 2009 and had a memorable engagement on the beach on August 20, 2011!  

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                    Posted 15 September 2011 - 10:39 AM

                    Dancing with Laura & Naveed


                    Naveed & I first met dancing at a Christmas Salsa Social. We had instant chemistry dancing. I thought he was attractive but I said to myself, "I'll let him come to me." About 6 months later I heard he had a big crush on me but it was a year before we went out together. Our first date was so fun!!! Naveed was kind, energetic and easy going. But I wasn't sure we could have a future together. I always thought I'd end up with a really artsy guy. Naveed was really into sports and had just gotten out of the military... wasn't sure he could appreciate my poetic side. I thought, "he's like a cupcake and I'm like a glass of wine." Can cupcakes and wine really go together??? After a few dates I still wasn't sure.


                    But I started to see a little "poetry" in the way he talked to me & what an amazing man he is... I thank my lucky stars to this day that I decided to open my heart and really give him a chance. I came up with a plan--I would ask him to create a salsa routine with me for a talent show so that we can dance for the next 4 Sundays in my living room. I didn't need any more time beyond the 3rd Sunday. Once we had our first kiss, I melted. We became boyfriend and girlfriend that night. A year later it was the most natural thing in the world for us to become engaged. I've come to think of us as cheese and wine and that go together splendidly!!! I feel so blessed to say that I found the type of love I always dreamed about but was afraid I would never find. So In Love and looking forward to celebrating our marriage in Riviera Maya June 2012!!!! God bless all the couples on this site xoxo


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                      Posted 16 September 2011 - 05:44 AM

                      Conrad and Faith Ann - Truly Meant to Be


                      Conrad and I first met while I was 14 and dancing with a ballet company.  I was the crazed dancer making quick changes on the side of the stage and he was the lighting tech, starting his own company and standing with the stage hands in the wings.  We smiled and said hello but that was it.  Conrad traveled with my ballet company to Washington the following year, where again, we just smiled and said hello in passing.  That was it and we we went our separate ways, eventually each of us marrying and starting our own families. 


                      Fast forward 17 years, and once again, we are working together.  His company was hired to handle the staging, lights, and sound for the Miss PA Scholarship Program while I was part of the production team.  We hit it off immediately and had a great working relationship, both with the pageant and while working together at Musikfest, another project.  We were so much alike and always on the same page with our thoughts and ideas.  Some of the crew would laugh that we could finish each others sentences.  This went on for years.  He was a true friend and always watched over me.  I often thought how lucky his wife was and knew that I could count on him no matter what.  He respected me, never crossed any lines, and never made any advances.  He was a true gentleman.


                      It wasn't until September of 2006 while on our way to see the Miss America Pageant that we realized we knew each other from my days with the ballet company.  All these years, we both felt like we knew each other from somewhere but never questioned it.  We laughed about it the entire night!  It was after this that we once again lost contact.  The scholarship pageant was being run by a new group who had their own production team, and I had to stop working at Musikfest for the time being.  Each of us was going through alot at home but never let on to each other our troubles.  Conrad would email me now and then, however, my husband at the time would delete the emails before I could read them.  He thought I didn't want to talk to him any longer and I thought he was no longer emailing me, so I didn't want to bother him with an email from me.  We had a mutual friend who I spoke with all of the time, and he would let each of us know that the other was doing OK, but never let on to either of us that we each were in failing marriages.  He often suggested to Conrad that he contact me, which he did, I just never knew it. 


                      Now, it is August 2009 and our friend talks me into stopping by to visit everyone I used to work with at Musikfest.  Conrad was not supposed to be there that night but changed his schedule when he heard I was coming down.  I was excited and honestly couldn't wait to see him.  I had missed my friend and knew how much I always enjoyed our time together.  What a surprise that night turned out to be.  I found out that his wife had left him awhile ago and he found out that my children and I were living with my parents. 


                      The following week, we had made plans to play golf.  He was an avid golfer and I needed to learn so I could take my daughter out on the course.  All the way down to meet him, I kept telling myself it was just golf and not to get excited over this but I was a nervous wreck.  What was nice was that he was just as nervous.  Still, we were tentative and while we knew this was what we wanted, we didn't let on.


                      A few weeks later, we spent the weekend in NYC.  While I traveled to NYC quite often, this was different.  We saw several shows, went to museums, had dinner, and walked through Central Park.  Our hotel overlooked the park and I felt like a princess.  I didn't want this weekend to end.  This was when we both knew that we were meant to be together.  When we got home, we were looking at a picture hanging on his wall.  It was a picture of Central Park and our hotel in the background.  It was almost as if we had taken the picture ourselves that weekend and that we were meant to be there.


                      Our lives have intertwined for 31 years now.  It has been a truly magical journey, one  that I know will continue for the rest of our lives!

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