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What do you think of my MOH speech???

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    Posted 07 September 2011 - 10:33 AM

    I just turned 18, my sister is 23, and she's getting married! The wedding is in a few weeks!! But anyhoo, here goes:

    Good evening everyone. My name is Jessica and I am not only Kelly’s maid of honour but I am also her little sister. First off, Kelly, I’d like to point out how stunningly beautiful you look.  It was an honour standing for both of you in your wedding and I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to speak. Thank you Brandy and Nicole for helping out with the Bridal Shower and Stagette which both turned out to be, I’d like to think, a great success. 

    Speaking of which, that left us with some pretty memorable events.  Such as the first guy with all the tongue going on, and Elvis Guy who totally felt you up! We gave her a shirt that said “Suck for a Buck” for men to suck a candy off her shirt for a dollar and some guys REALLY went for it!

    It seems like just yesterday when we were angry at each other and we’d scratch one another like there’s no tomorrow. Boy, we were pretty darn vicious!  But here I am today, standing here giving a speech at my sister’s wedding. Growing up with siblings who are five and seven years older, I have always looked up to them and copied them, especially Kelly, with us being sisters. Even today I look at her and someone who has grown up to be completely admirable. I’ve always wanted to be her age, but how could I not? She is simply amazing, why wouldn’t I want to be her?

    Well, maybe other than the first time I met Eric. I had gone to K-days with a friend, and Kelly had gone the same day with Eric. I believe it was one of the first few dates they went on, and they matched! Literally! Can you believe that? She was wearing a yellow tank top, and he had on yellow shorts of the EXACT same shade! It was hilarious, the first words to come out of my mouth wasn’t even a greeting but “Holy cow, you guys match!”  

    Aside from them matching, they looked pretty darn happy together. You two are very lucky to have found one another, for I truly believe this is a once in a lifetime love. I’ve noticed all the small things that normally would have irked Kelly, but because it’s Eric, it just all passes over her head and she doesn’t mind. She’s told me many times how he can be frustrating, but she loves him none the less. Eric, I thank you for being such a great man to my sister. You can always make her laugh and you are there for her on her bad days. Which is when I don’t want her.  And for that, you are a welcome addition to our family and I am very glad to call you my brother!

    As the wedding date came closer and closer, Kelly just seemed to assume the world revolved around her more and more. Such as the time shared with our brother, Kevin, when we were discussing a friend and he asked me if the friend wore glasses, and of course, Kelly being the bride to be, jumps into the conversation and exclaims “What? Glasses? My glasses? Are my glasses dirty?” As she then went on to take off her glasses to wipe them down. Sorry Kelly, your name wasn’t even mentioned once in that conversation.  And although she may have her bimbo moments, thinking that her glasses are the only ones that exist in this universe, or the fact that she walks into pantry doors, or even when she spends a total five minutes with me at Save On Foods trying to exit the entrance door, I still love her.

    I’m so glad that we’ve become so close to one another in these past few years. You’ve become not only my sister, but one of my best friends.  I wish Kelly and Eric health, happiness, and love in the future.  May the love that you’ve experienced today seem minimal compared to the love you will feel years from now, let it be ten years or fifty years from now.  

    Let’s all share a toast to the Bride and Groom! Cheers!



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