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Hi everyone!

I'm a new member here but I've been snooping around for a few days now, looking for some ideas for my upcoming wedding. My fiance and I came up with an idea to send out Save-The-Dates/invitations on customized usb drives. The drives would have our names and date of the wedding printed on them, and it would also have files uploaded on it. We were thinking of including a photo gallery with our engagement photos as well as some photos of the reception hall. I think its a cute idea and since these are flash drives they can be kept and used over and over instead of the typical save-the-dates which gets thrown out eventually. I've been doing some research and found a site that has done custom flash drives for weddings before. I've got a quote from them and it looks like this is within my budget, but I still have a few concerns. When I've brought this up with some of my friends they brought up some concerns. mainly about older guests and whether or not they will know what a USB drive is, nevermind how to use one. Apparently the drives can have autorun set up so that when they are plugged in, the slideshow with the photos plays automatically. I think this will be simple enough to explain to our older guests, but I'm not sure.

Right now I'm on the fence about this idea, and would really like some more feedback before I decide one way or another. What do you think? Thanks :)

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