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***Rockhouse Hotel***Sungold Photo Captured My Amazing Wedding in Jamaica!!!!!

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I am sooooo blown away by Paula & Damian of Sun Gold Photography that there are no words~ I'm totally speechless (which rarely happens to me, lol)!! They are the nicest photogs, super talented & super hardworking- even my guests commented on there undying attention of me & my hubby! I would HIGHLY suggest them to anyone...photos were so important to me, so the best choice I made was hiring them (and marrying DH :)


So... here's the slideshow!!


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Sorry for responding so late, but thanks for the compliments ladies. No hidden fees whatsoever & Inise the WC is awesome!! If anyone has any questions, ask away! I'm trying to check in here a little more to give back.


05 oot bag.jpg



06 bouquets closeup.jpg


09 bride putting on veil.jpg15 reception tables reduced.jpg



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