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URGENTLY needed: venue ideas for a rehearsal event in the Playa del Carmen area

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Hi everyone, we're getting married at Marina Maroma (staying at El Dorado Maroma) in November of this year. Since there are a lot of people flying in for our wedding, we want to treat them to a bit of a different experience for our 'rehearsal' event. Could you please help with ideas?


Here is what we're looking for:


Preferably outside the marina and our hotel: so many people are staying at our hotel, not to mention that the marina is where our day-long wedding is. We are thinking of going off-site... a restaurant or a bar in Playa del Carmen/5th Avenue, perhaps?


Fits within our budget: I can't spend more than an absolute maximum of $25 per person, all in. We are spending quite a bit on the wedding, not to mention our at-home reception, so money's tight. I'm open to not doing food (just a 'cocktail' is fine).


Something unique and fun: No description needed :)


I'm thinking of unique restaurants/bars/beach clubs/ beach bonfires, etc. Maybe even do something around an activity, rather than eating? Open to suggestions. Help, please! I have to send out my invites ASAP, on which rehearsal info needs to go... so this is a bit of an urgent decision-making situation.



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Congratulations and welcome to the forums! There is a beautiful quaint little restaurant called Pioloa  ( http://intheroo.com/view/piola ) located near the end of the tourist end of 5th ave and 38th. I take all my out of town guests there and the prices are great. You can get all kinds of food and the drinks/wine are all reasonably priced! Its it romantic and often you can eat outside under the lights and evening moon! I think it would be great for a dinner for you guys!

Best of luck with all your plans


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