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Moon Palace Wedding In Dec 2011.. Questions

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Hey everyone,


We are getting married at Moon Palace Resort Dec. 8th 2011 and have a few questions, as well, as needing some helpful hints on making our wedding wonderful..Even though when it all boils down to it the best part is I'm marrying my best friend and perfect man in the world. (Well to me! ;) ...)  


Our biggest question is the best way to rent Tuxedos we were told by the resort that its cheaper in the states than in Mexico. What are your thoughts on this?


The more I read reviews I get excited and nervous all in the same time. I've heard mixed reviews on wedding photographers. We have the Amber wedding package from the resort but we are unsure of the photographer the resort supplies. Are they good photos? or should we be looking for outsiders, if so who do you suggest?


On the other side of this, we are going to be playing our wedding video at our reception in May 2012 back home. Thus, we need a great videographer. Any suggestions?



Any advise would be helpful..


Super excited to hear from others!



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