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Flying Jet Blue with Dress

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Hi All,


I've read that no one has had any issues flying with their dress and that generally flight attendants can hang your dress somewhere during the flight.  I"m a little nervous as I just read the below on the Jet Blue website:

Wedding Attire

» Wedding Dresses, Bride's Maid Dresses, Suits and Tuxedos


Wedding Dresses, Bride's Maid Dresses, Suits and Tuxedos
Though we wish the bride and groom the best, JetBlue does not make special allowances for the transport of wedding attire. Whether it is packed in check-in baggage or a carry-on, wedding or bride's maid dresses, suits or tuxedos, would still have to meet the baggage requirements to/from specific destinations. There are no closets for hanging clothing items or garment bags on the aircraft.
Customers may wish to have wedding attire shipped separately. Information on specific shipping companies is available in the yellow pages or Internet.



Has anyone flown Jet Blue with their dress??  I'm leaving in one month and am now getting a bit nervous.


Any and ALL responses would greatly be appreciated.


Thank you!

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Im a flight attendant so I may have some answers for you. Some aircraft unfortunately don't have a closet on board. I'm not familiar with jet blue but it sounds like thats the case on them. It doesn't mean though that you cannot bring it onboard! They are just letting you know that they wont' be able to hang it. If you are carrying it on the plane they just want you to know that it will be considered a carry on item. (The FAA only allows 2 carrry ons per person) So they probably can't make a special exception and let you bring on extra.


They are also letting you know that all carry on items that come onboard have to meet the size requirements and they must fit in the overhead bin. If the garmet bag doesnt fit you cannot have it on your lap, and then there is a problem.


I'm assuming you won't have any problem with your dress since destination dresses are usual small and light on material. If you had a princess Diana dress or something then you might need to consider shipping ; ).


I'm guessing that the airline has dealt with some brides who were caught off guard thinking that they could bring a very large dress on board and I bet the flight attendants felt horrible when there was nothing that they could do! (Trust me if there was something they could do they would!)


I would call the airline just to double check that the specific aircraft that you are scheduled to fly on doesnt have a closet. Most planes have a closet especially if there is a first class.


I know that I personally try my hardest to accomodate all my passengers. Especially those with special items. If there is a closet onboard I would totally put the dress in there and I assume that other flight attendants would do the same! Best of Luck!

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Yikes!  I am flying jet blue for my wedding in December.  i flew with Jet blue this week and asked the ticket counter what to do and they said to bring it on as a carry on.  i am just planning on putting it in the bin over me and closing the gate and not letting anyone else go near it!  I don't care if they get mad, this is my one time!

Originally Posted by MrsWeiss1211 View Post

I'm going down to the bahamas next thursday and ask them in detail what they think.


I'm prepared to buy my dress a seat if that's what it takes!


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Just got back from my wedding and had two flights with dress prior to wedding. 

 If you are bringing your dress on your Jet Blue flight, they do NOT have closets on any of their planes and you will need to put your dress in the overhead bin.  On our first flight (one hour connecting flight from BOS to JFK) the flight was so full, my dress had to be folded on top of one of the bins.  Luckily on the flight to JFK to MBJ (montego bay) there was an empty bin and my dress was able to travel alone laid out nicely. In both cases we asked the flight attendants for help and they did the best they could to accommodate the dress.  If you have a larger dress or you don't like to "wing it" you may not wan to fly Jet Blue to ensure you are able to hang up your dress in a closet.  HOWEVER, Jet Blue was awesome in every other way.  Just remember, you can always steam your dress at the resort (it cost $80 at Sandals).

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I fly two flights also, one from IAD to TPA and then FLL to SDQ (from what I see the flight from FLL to SDQ is pretty empty), don't know about our flight to Florida, considering I haven't booked it yet, LOL - such a procrastinator (waiting for that great deal, LOL).  Yet my gown (a) has a large tuille skirt, yet it is designed in a sorta wrinkled fashion and also my resort offers to steam my dress for free.  


Thank you for the advice, I hope I have luck finding a semi empty flight down to Florida.

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Trimalusta, Thanks for the report! I'm so nervous about it! I spoke with a flight attendant when we flew down to the Bahamas on September and she suggested we pay extra and get the extra leg room seats as they are the first to board. I'm also going to be flying out on a Tuesday morning so hopefully the flight won't be too full. If push comes to shove, I'm prepared to buy the dress its own seat!

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