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FREE accommodations in exchange for photo shoots - Grand Palladium Resort & Spa

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My name is Christina and I teach wedding photography workshops for photographers just breaking into the wedding industry.



I'm  hosting a destination wedding photography workshop at the Grand Palladium Colonial Resort (part of the Grand Palladium resort complex) near Playa del Carmen, Mexico - the exact dates are October 22-24 for the photo shoots. There will be between four to eight photographers. 


I usually hire models to pose in wedding dresses that I bring but this time I thought I'd see if I could find a couple (hopefully you) who would be honeymooning in the area - preferably you would be getting married around this time, have your wedding attire with you, and be interested in joining us for one to three days at the Grand Palladium while you are in the area. You don't need to be a super model and you can be any height or shape, but since it can be intimdating to have eight cameras trained on you, the right fit would be a couple who is outgoing.



I pay $15/hr for each person ($30 per hour for you as a couple) plus your overnight accommodation at the all-inclusive Grand Palladium Colonial resort. I would also pay for your shuttle from Cancun airport... or from a neighboring hotel.  The value is about $700 worth of accommodations...$100 or so in shuttles, plus the hourly rate x the hours you work each day (t would be about $540 if you participate in all three days of shooting).

Even if you're only able to attend one day it would be great for photographers to practice with a real couple.


I would sign a contract with you regarding all the details above.



The shoot schedule is


October 22 - 2-6pm and then again from 8-9:30pm

October 23 - 2-6 pm and then again 8-9:30pm

October 24 - 2-4 pm and an optional trash the dress shoot from 4-6pm


Since the dates are already set, these are the only dates I can offer this arrangement.

Each shoot involves one hour where photographers will take pictures of you getting ready (putting on makeup, doing your hair, putting on bridal accessories, doing up your tie, etc.).



I will have wedding dresses with me and we will also be doing a trash the dress October 24 from 4-6pm if you'd like to pose for something like that without ruining your own dress (I have dresses sized 4 to 8 with b to c cups, 27" to 30" waists). If you're not interested it's no problem... I have the option to hire models from an agency for the trash the dress part.



The photographers will have a range of skil sets but usually photographers do put together images for the models as a thank you. I also take photos during the shoots and am happy to give you a high-res disc with some of the images from the shoot.  



I've been ranked three times as one of the top 10 wedding photographers in the world with the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers and I've photographed weddings all over the world.


My business name is FunkyTown Photography if you want to google me. I realize I can't send vendor links through this webiste but I'm happy to send you a private email if you're interested. I can also send you the official website for the workshop so you can read more about it.  My contact information is on the FunkyTown Photography website or you can reach me here.


Let me know if you're interested.



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