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The Royal Playa del Carmen

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Hello Ladies, Gents, Soon to be Brides, Brides,


I need some help deciding on a resort for my May 2012 wedding. I am doing a Beach ceremony followed by a Beach Reception or on a terrace overlooking the beach for 65 guests.


I have narrowed down my choices to 1) The NOW Sapphire or 2) The Royal (Real Resorts) - Playa Del Carmen. I am having a hard time deciding between the two, and may have to toss a coin :) Any input on either of these 2 resorts or why you chose the Royal or the Sapphire would be very helpful.


Brides that have had their wedding at either resort or any one who has done a site visit, I would love to hear your reviews or see any photos.


All please respond or send me a PM.


I have heard/read great things about each resort and some things that concern me. For example, The Beach at the Royal is not nice, the Sapphire's is better but the food/service, atmosphere is not as good as the Royal. Both are in comparision as for costs. I am unable to do my own site visit so I have to base my choice on reviews and photos which is tough.



Thanks so much!!!!

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I noticed that your wedding date was August of this year.... were you happy with the resort?  I am wanting to do a destination wedding but having a hard time deciding which resort to chose.  The Royal was recommended, along with the Paradisus in Playa del Carmen....

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